Chioggia Venezia Live Cam

The beach offer everything from comfortable relaxation to lively days full of fun


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  • Park Hotel Chioggia
  • Lungomare Adriatico, 74 - Sottomarina Lido
  • Chioggia (Venezia) - Italia
  • +39 041 490740
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Seaside town south of Venice

Tourism in Venice means to find in an unusual world, a magic place where to spend all over the world unforgettable days between monuments and famous places as the Bridge of Rialto, the basilica of St. Mark, Canal Grande, Palazzo Ducale, Ca' D'Oro, Frari's Basilica.

The wheelchair entrance is on the right-hand side near Piazzetta dei Leoni. There is a ramp. This entrance is open during the morning, but can also be opened during the afternoon on request to one of wardness.

Ponte di Rialto - The bridge is not accessible as there are steps on both sides. The only way to cross the Grand Canal and see the bridge form both sides is to use the Vaporetto no.1 the which stops on both sides. The vaporetto can carry two wheelchairs at a time. On the right-hand side of the Grand Canal, the Le Mercerie area is accessible.

Venice is a city with a thousand-year history, with a historic center that is unique in the world, which in the last century has seen important transformations and modifications. The huge industrial area of ​​Marghera, the vast agricultural area of ​​the coast, the most important commercial port on the Adriatic, the airport, the third largest in Italy for passengers, have had a profound impact on the delicate land-water relationship of the city.

In Venice, tourism and commerce, industry and crafts, fishing, agriculture, services, and the advanced tertiary sector often have to face the relationship between the present and the past of the city with the prospects for sustainable development. The protection of the extraordinary and fragile lagoon ecosystem must relate to the needs of the economic development of the territory, on the basis of parameters which, given the uniqueness of the environmental situation in which one operates, must be carefully defined.

Managing the different evolutionary processes of such a unique social and territorial reality, administering a community of citizens with profoundly different and often strongly contrasting needs, means that every intervention implemented by the local public administration must necessarily possess completely original characteristics.