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Pelican Bay beach are located at the end of each boardwalk


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Respecting Our Environment

At Pelican Bay preserving the natural environment is of the utmost concern. Our extensive conservation area with our three mile long Mangrove Preserve is home to a variety of birds and wildlife. The mangroves have saltwater excreting pores located on the prop roots and leaves, which enable the trees to thrive in the salt water areas of Southwest Florida. This unique tolerance to salt has allowed the mangrove to be the primary vegetation in Southwest Florida's estuarine system.

Annually mangroves will shed about three tons of leaves and twigs per acre into the brackish waters of the estaury systems. Bacteria, fungi and other tiny organisms will break down the fallen debris into microscopic material which becomes available as food for small fish, shrimp, crabs and many other marine species. Almost 75% of Florida's commercial saltwater products spend part of their lives in the mangrove estuary. It is easy to see the vital role that the mangroves play in the maintenance of Florida's marine life.

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