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Situated on West Hallandale Beach Boulevard


Pembroke Park is a town located in Broward County, Florida, United States. Its history dates back to the early 20th century when the area was primarily undeveloped and used for agricultural purposes. Here's an overview of its history:

Early Settlement: In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the region where Pembroke Park is now situated was primarily used for farming and agriculture. It was sparsely populated, with a few scattered homesteads.

Incorporation: Pembroke Park was officially incorporated as a town on December 10, 1957. The town's incorporation was driven by the desire to provide local governance and services to the growing community.

Growth and Development: Throughout the mid-20th century, Pembroke Park experienced gradual growth and development. The construction of roads and highways in the vicinity contributed to improved accessibility and facilitated the expansion of residential and commercial areas.

Challenges and Changes: Like many communities, Pembroke Park faced various challenges over the years, including issues related to infrastructure, zoning, and economic changes. The town worked to address these challenges and adapt to the evolving needs of its residents.

Community Characteristics: Pembroke Park is known for its diverse community, with residents from various backgrounds and walks of life. The town's cultural diversity has contributed to its unique character and atmosphere.

Economic Activities: Over time, Pembroke Park has developed a mix of residential, commercial, and industrial areas. The presence of businesses and industries has contributed to the town's economy.

Local Services and Governance: As a town, Pembroke Park has its own local government, including a mayor, commissioners, and administrative staff. The town provides essential services to its residents, such as water and sewer services, waste management, and public safety.

Cultural and Recreational Opportunities: Pembroke Park and its surrounding areas offer residents and visitors a range of cultural and recreational opportunities. Parks, community centers, and local events contribute to the quality of life in the town.

Top Tourist Attractions

Pembroke Park is a relatively small town in Florida, and it's not typically known for being a major tourist destination. However, there are some attractions and nearby points of interest that visitors to the area might enjoy. Keep in mind that the availability and popularity of attractions can change over time, so it's a good idea to verify information before planning a visit. Here are a few potential attractions:

  • Local Parks and Recreation Areas: Pembroke Park and the surrounding Broward County area offer a variety of parks and green spaces where visitors can relax and enjoy outdoor activities.
  • Shopping and Dining: While Pembroke Park itself might not have major tourist attractions, the nearby city of Pembroke Pines offers shopping malls, dining options, and entertainment venues that visitors might enjoy.
  • Beaches: The beautiful beaches of Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood are within driving distance from Pembroke Park. Visitors can enjoy the sandy shores and various water activities.
  • Art and Culture: Check out nearby art galleries, theaters, and cultural centers for exhibitions and performances. The Broward Center for the Performing Arts in Fort Lauderdale is one such venue.
  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino: Located in nearby Hollywood, this casino and entertainment complex features gambling, live music, dining, and shopping.
  • Everglades National Park: While not within Pembroke Park itself, Everglades National Park is a significant natural attraction in the region. Visitors can explore the unique ecosystem, spot wildlife, and take airboat tours.
  • Hollywood Beach Broadwalk: This lively beachfront promenade in nearby Hollywood offers shops, restaurants, and a pleasant atmosphere for walking and people-watching.
  • Young at Art Museum: Located in nearby Davie, this interactive art museum is designed for children and families, featuring hands-on exhibits and creative activities.
  • Flamingo Gardens: Situated in nearby Davie, this botanical garden and wildlife sanctuary is home to exotic plants and animals, offering a serene and educational experience.
  • Gulfstream Park: Located in nearby Hallandale Beach, Gulfstream Park features horse racing, a casino, dining, and shopping.

embroke Park experiences a tropical climate characterized by warm temperatures, high humidity, and distinct wet and dry seasons. Here's an overview of the climate you can typically expect in Pembroke Park:

  • Temperature: Pembroke Park has warm to hot temperatures throughout the year. Average highs range from the mid-70s to low 90s Fahrenheit (24-34°C), while average lows are usually in the mid-50s to mid-70s Fahrenheit (13-24°C). The hottest months are typically June through September.
  • Humidity: The area has a high level of humidity, especially during the summer months. Humidity levels can make the temperatures feel even warmer than they actually are.
  • Rainfall: Pembroke Park has a distinct wet season and dry season. The wet season typically runs from May to October, with the highest rainfall occurring in the summer months. During this period, afternoon thunderstorms are common, contributing to the region's lush vegetation. The dry season, from November to April, sees significantly less rainfall.
  • Hurricane Season: Pembroke Park, like the rest of Florida, is vulnerable to hurricanes and tropical storms, especially during the peak of hurricane season from June to November. It's important for residents and visitors to be aware of hurricane preparedness measures and stay informed about weather updates during this time.
  • Sea Breezes and Coastal Influence: Being close to the coast, Pembroke Park can experience the moderating influence of sea breezes, which can provide some relief from the heat, especially during the afternoon.
  • UV Index: Due to its location in a sunny region, UV radiation can be high. It's important to take sun protection measures, such as using sunscreen, wearing protective clothing, and seeking shade.

Keep in mind that climate patterns can vary from year to year, and it's always a good idea to check current weather forecasts and climate data when planning a visit to Pembroke Park or any other location.


It is situated in a region known for its coastal landscape and subtropical climate. Here's an overview of the geography of Pembroke Park:

  • Location: Pembroke Park is located in southeastern Florida, just a few miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the Miami metropolitan area and is situated to the southwest of Fort Lauderdale.
  • Topography: The town's topography is relatively flat, which is characteristic of much of the southeastern part of the state. The elevation is generally low, with some areas near sea level.
  • Proximity to Water: While Pembroke Park itself is not directly on the coast, it is close to the Atlantic Ocean. The coastal city of Hollywood and its beaches are just a short drive east of Pembroke Park.
  • Natural Features: The area around Pembroke Park is marked by various water bodies, including canals, lakes, and ponds. These water features are common throughout the region due to the flat landscape and the need for water management.
  • Urban Development: Pembroke Park is a primarily residential community with a mix of housing, commercial areas, and industrial zones. The town is located near major highways, providing convenient access to surrounding cities and attractions.
  • Nearby Natural Areas: While Pembroke Park itself is more developed, there are several natural areas and parks in the surrounding region. For example, the Everglades to the west and the coastline to the east offer opportunities for outdoor recreation and exploration.
  • Climate Influence: Pembroke Park's geography contributes to its subtropical climate, with warm temperatures, high humidity, and distinct wet and dry seasons. Its proximity to the ocean also plays a role in the moderating effects of sea breezes on the local climate.
  • Hurricane Vulnerability: Being in Florida, Pembroke Park is susceptible to hurricanes and tropical storms. The town's location near the coast places it within the hurricane impact zone during the Atlantic hurricane season (June to November).