Perthshire Live Cam

Situated at New Scone, 3 miles northeast of Perth, Scotland


Hosted by:
  • Perth Airport
  • Perthshire - Scotland
  • PH2 6PL - United Kingdom
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Train at Perth - Scotland's Friendly

For the aviation student and for the flying training provider, the airspace at Perth provides an ideal environment for both ab initio and advanced flying training. The Airport provides the flexibility and minimal departure delays that come from operating from a licenced airfield situated in the open FIR. With plenty of unrestricted airspace, the environs include hundreds of square miles of beautiful countryside - both open farmland and scenic mountainous terrain. Yet controlled airspace and a variety of procedural and radar vectored instrument training facilities are available nearby, with an airway overhead (FL65) for IFR routings to Edinburgh, Glasgow, Prestwick and Aberdeen.

For the GA /Business traveller, the Airport offers convenience, with excellent road and rail communication links. Situated only 3nm from the centre of Perth it is easy to find with an on-site VOR, runway lighting for night use, and triangle of runways including one grass. Dundee Airport with its ILS is only 11.5nm away, so Perth gives the traveller the flexibility of operating from a small friendly , privately owned airfield with the backup an ILS approach procedure available nearby. The Perth Airport Business Park offers a tranquil and attractive setting for a wide range of business units, storage facilities, and suites of fully serviced offices for hire.

Perth Airports IS rapidly developing as centre of aviation activity and expertise. Operated by a new airport management company - Perth Airport 2000 Ltd - the Airport is now home to two commercial flying training organisations offering a full range of training from beginner to CPL-IR, three aircraft maintenance organisations including piston/turbine fixed and rotary wing, an aircraft painting facility, the Scottish Aero Club and Microlight School.

Flying Training Opportunities: Perth has on-site training organisations offering a full spectrum of flying courses from beginner to instrument rated commercial pilot. Courses offered include: Multi &-single engined IR. JAR-CPL. Flying Instructor Course (FIC) covering a full range of ratings. Aerobatics familiarisation and instruction. IMC and Night qualifications. PPL fixed wing. PPL rotary wing. Microlight PPL. Tailwheel conversions and a range of differenCES training. The airport facilities enable courses to be structured as full or part time, residential or non-residential. The airport is also developing a series of office/briefing rooms to hire to visiting training organisations. This will allow a package of landing card, parking, student\instructor accommodation and hire officeS & OR/student briefing facilities to be tailored to suit each visiting training organisation.

Flying Training Airport - Benefits include: Local CAA approved examiners available for the whole range of courses offered, with the full range of tests (including IR) available out of Perth. Hundreds of square miles of UNRESTRICTED airspace over open countryside with scenic flying. Three licensed runways, giving minimum crosswind problem and efficient ground traffic movements. ILS and NDB procedures only 11 miles from Perth - with major airport approach facilities only a short flight away. Airway overhead for (FL65) IFR routings. No scheduled services, allowing training flights to operate with minimum delAYS. On-site VOR and local training procedure. On-site maintenance organisations. On-site accommodation, café and canteen. Friendly and helpful staff, tailoring packages to suit.

The Airport has three on-site JAR approved aircraft maintenance organisations, offering full servicing of most single and many light twin (piston/turbine) fixed wing aircraft, and a range of piston and turbine helicopters.