Ramblewood Live Cam

Situated at the northern tip of New Hampshire


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  • Pittsburg Ridge Runners
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A town in Coös County

Spring is a time of change in the Great North Woods. April is our ‘mud season’. Town is quiet in April with folks away on vacation and our winter visitors have gone and our spring visitors have not arrived yet. Ice covers our lakes in there is still snow in the woods.

In May, the ice leaves the lakes at the very beginning of the month. The last of the winter’s snow melts away, although it is not uncommon to have an early May day with snow flakes in the air! Salmon enter the Connecticut River chasing spawning smelt and baitfish and this is the beginning of our spring fishing! Moose return to their roadside haunts all shaggy with the remainder of their winter coats. Visitors return to Pittsburg for fishing and moose watching.

June brings warmer temps, baby moose, and black flies. Our black fly season is relatively short; normally the two middle weeks of June. Fish are jumping, the lake water warms almost enough for swimming and the loons spend their evenings engaged in their haunting conversations on the moonlit lakes.

Warm days, cool mountain nights, summer is a favorite season! Summer months in Pittsburg are a time to be out of doors. Swimming and boating on the lakes, fishing the river and streams, hiking to mountain tops or mountain biking a woods road, there is something for everyone in Pittsburg. We celebrate Old Home Day and the Moose Festival in August. Fireworks light up the night’s sky over Lake Francis on July 4th. Our daytime temperatures average 77 degrees while our evenings are cool. The cry of loons fill the night while moose entertain all those who watch them by day. Summer is a fabulous time to be here!

Fall comes early to the northern forests. September arrives and the weather is generally beautiful but soon the crisp evenings begin to change the leaves from green to red and orange. Fishermen enjoy the fall and fish the cooling lake and river water for large trout and salmon. Lake fishing ends September 30 but rivers and ponds remain open. Archery seasons for deer hunting and bear hunting begin in September.

October sees the leaves dropping, fishing season’s last day is October 15th and small game hunting season opens on the first. The weather fluctuates greatly in October. You are apt to see 70 degrees and the first snow on the ground both in October. Our annual fireman’s auction is held on the Saturday of the Columbus Day weekend. Crisp days, cool evenings and the change of season make October a favorite month of many.

November is known for the opening of the deer hunting season for rifle and muzzleloader. Snow occurs often this month and generally stays on the ground for good come the end of the month. Visitors come to our area for hunting and for choosing a Christmas tree over the Thanksgiving holiday. Our area has numerous tree plantations. There is nothing like a fresh cut Christmas tree from the North Country!

Our winter season is a long one and stretches from December through March and beyond some years! In a normal year, we have snow on the ground all of these months and can receive as much as 200 inches in a season. We almost always have a white Christmas and have many winter visitors who enjoy our winter for outdoor activity. Snowmobiling, ice fishing, dog sledding, snow shoeing and cross country skiing are winter favorites.