Raystown Lake Live Cam

A reservoir in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania


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The largest man-made lake within Pennsylvania

Some of the most unique and authentic historical attractions and districts, the great outdoors for the hunting, fishing and hiking enthusiast, retail shopping districts, 1/3 of the caves in PA in your backyard and friendly people! We have accommodations to suit everyone, great food of a large variety, and services for all needs.

On behalf of the membership of the Raystown Country Visitors Bureau, welcome to our area. Whether you are vacationing, visiting friends or relatives, here on business, or considering relocating to Raystown Country, we're glad you are here! We will all do our best to make sure your stay here is a pleasant one.

Raystown Country-Huntingdon County offers a wide variety of accommodation opportunities. While visiting our area, you can enjoy the great outdoors by camping or cabin & cottage rentals; historic or quaint B&B's; or the subtle elegance of one of our inns. Motels offer consistency and no maintaince. For those wishing privacy and space, our guest homes and rental properties may be of interest. If you are interested in lake front living, you may choose camping, a loge or houseboat rental. The atmoshpere of each of the facilites is also very diverse-something for everyone.

We in Raystown Country are very proud of our attractions. Amusements, natural attractions, heritage attractions, outdoor recreational activities, indoor and cultural attractions makes us a destination that can boast of something for everyone!

You will not go hungry in Raystown Country! We are proud to offer a wide variety of dining experiences. Quick service, home style, casual dining and fine dining are all available for you. The major transportation routes will bring you to your favorite quick service restaurants featuring burgers, pizza, deli type sandwiches and chicken. Road side stands can offer tasty treats as well. Our specialities with home style include pot pie, fresh baked pies and other desserts. Buffets are popular at many of our establishments. Our casual dining facilities offer interesting atmosphere from lake view dining, sports bar environment, a river view with seafood steam bar and cocktails for those who wish. Our fine dining restaurants offer wonderful food in a relaxed atmosphere. Leave your tux and gowns at home when visiting Raystown Country.

You always find what you need and more in Raystown Country. Our shopping districts include Huntingdon Boro, Smithfield Township, Mount Union Boro, the Broad Top region, the Big Valley. You'll find a variety of goods and very competitive prices. Speciality shops are scattered around the county which also makes for an interesting shopping experience. We have flea markets and white elephant tables (yard sales) as you tour our area. Our home-town festivals generally have craft booths to explore. Many of our attractions have gift and souvenir shops to enjoy.

You are welcome and encouraged to relocate or build a vacation home in Raystown Country. According to Chet Withington who has relocated to Raystown Country from Fairfield County Connecticut, "The area is replete with vistas of natural beauty, 18 and 19th century history, plentiful outdoor recreational opportunities, and some of the friendliest, least pretentious people on earth".

Biking Routes

The Spelunker Tour is a 45.3-mile moderate tour beginning at Riverside Park along the Juniata River in Smithfield, adjacent to historic downtown Huntingdon. The Fisherman’s Journey is a moderate/advanced tour covering 64.8 miles starting near Historic Huntingdon, crossing Raystown Lake, though Trough Creek State Park and beautiful vistas.

Biking Off Road

Families and soft adventure bikers enjoy the Lower Trail, our 12 mile rail trail starting near Historic Alexandria and ending in Williamsburg, PA. The trail runs parallel to the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River, and while enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can also experience some history as remains of the PA Canal can be seen on the trail. Our three state parks, natural areas and state forestland offer an exceptional number of off road trails. Consult the hiking article contained in this guide to read of some of the trails that may be conducive for off road biking. Please be sure to wear safety gear!


With all the natural areas, trails, waterways, it makes sense that we are an attractive area for birds. Our local Audubon Society indicates that Huntingdon County is located at a natural crossroads in the avian world. March and April bring species that are passing through during spring migration. May and June visits from neo-tropical migrants are common, songbirds stay to nest. Summer counts reported exceed 125 species.

Juniata River

The stem of the Juniata is 100 miles long and begins near the confluence of the Frankstown Branch and Little Juniata River near Petersburg. These two rivers and the Raystown Branch are the three main tributaries of the Juniata. With no major rapids, the river and its tributaries are rated as calm moving water and class one waterways. Great conditions for relaxed and quiet recreational pursuits – ideal for beginners and novices. Throughout the watershed paddling trips can be easily divided into short segments or extended to 2 and 3-day campouts. For example, paddling the 16 clean and sparkling miles of the Little Juniata between Tyrone and its mouth will pass you under 17 railroad bridges, many being stone arch masterpieces. Another hidden jewel is the 12-mile stretch on the Frankstown Branch running from Williamsburg to Water Street. This section runs alongside the peaceful Lower bike trail and contains canal lock ruins from the Cross-Pennsylvania Canal. On the Raystown Branch between Routh30 near Breezewood going north to Saxton there are several quiet and scenic passages.

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