Cattolica Live Cam

Situated in Cattolica, a seaside resort on the Adriatic Coast of Italy


Hosted by:
  • Residence Fiorella
  • via Antonini, 3 - 47841 Cattolica (Rimini)
  • Emilia-Romagna, Riviera Romagnola - Italia
  • +39 334 3484929
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A comune in the Province of Rimini

Hospitality has been our watchword for over 150 years: on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, from Bellaria-Igea Marina to Cattolica, and throughout the territory of the Malatesta Seignory, the warm welcome given to holidaymakers and visitors is not just a business, but a passion, rooted deep in the past.

Public administration and individual operators are busy 365 days a year, to ensure that your stay is peaceful, pleasant, fun, and full of interesting things to do if you are on holiday; and to ensure comfortable efficient services for those of you travelling on business or to attend trade fairs and conferences. That ancient tradition of hospitality which has made this area the principal tourist field in Europe, is today joined with innovation and a gift for creating fashions and trends.

The beach, the sea, water parks and amusement parks, castles and villages of the Malatesta Seignory, discotheques and nightspots, cultural events and entertainment, sports grounds and well-being, good cooking and genuine wines: if you browse through our Site you will find them all, and you can get to know our land and the opportunities it offers visitors, and discover in real time all that we are doing to make you feel at home.

All of the tourist offer of the Province of Rimini - accommodation facilities, restaurants, water and amusement parks, sports and free-time facilities, fitness centres, shows and events, monuments and museums, and nature trails - within a mouse's reach. Enter, and discover the thousand faces of this land that is a European leader in terms of holidays. Follow your desires and interests and "create" your ideal holiday.

Two bus routes linking Rimini Riviera to the Malatesta Seignory through the Conca and Marecchia valleys. A tour specially designed for visitors, a short journey introducing the beauties of our countryside – castles and fortresses, historic villages, country festivals – and the special features of local cooking and traditional Romagna hospitality.

The Marecchia valley route linea Valmarecchia departs from Rimini heading north towards Bellaria and stopping at Santarcangelo di Romagna, Villa Verucchio (Tenuta Amalia), Verucchio, Torriana and Montebello. The Conca valley route linea Valconca departs from Riccione and goes through Misano Adriatico and Cattolica bifore heading inland, stopping at Morciano di Romagna, Montefiore, Saludecio, Mondaino and Montegridolfo. Travellers on this route can, if they wish, take a shuttle bus from Morciano di Romagna and visit the Onferno Caves.

Journeys by both routes will include an outward journey, a stop lasting some time at the final destination, and a return journey, making a circular trip. This means that visitors will be able to choose where they stop for refreshments, aided by guided visits which the Town Hall or Pro Loco will organise. The evening departure will also pick up visitors who stopped at intermediate destinations during the afternoon trip and take new passengers to have dinner in one or other of the destinations along the route. Latest return to the Riviera 24.00 hours.

As has now become tradition, the international freestyle champions will also battle it out on almost 40,000 sq m of beach, with a central court (the Beach Arena), which is situated in front of the Grand Hotel of Rimini made famous by Fellini in his films, as part of the world Acrobatic Paganello. In other words, spectacular acrobatic Frisbee manoeuvres to the sound of music. And then there’s funky, skater, kite surfing and bungee jumping displays, and lots more besides.

All around, there’s a colourful and spectacular village called Paga Villane, which is dedicated to fun and free time and which will be brought to life by dancers, musicians, actors, singers and jugglers. Spectators will also be involved in precision Frisbee throwing competitions, a kind of Frisbee golf match on the beach, and even children can experience the thrill of this sport as there will be a court set up especially for them. And let’s not forget the spectacular beach parties, including a welcome party on Thursday evening, and those in the best nightspots on the Riviera.

One of the fundamental characteristics of the Ultimate competition, and one that sets it apart from all other sports, is the lack of referee. Indeed, the presence of a referee is not provided for at any level of international or European competition; a referee is simply not part of the rules and regulations.

Basically the players referee themselves, in keeping with the spirit of loyalty and responsibility that characterises the sport. Any disagreement that may arise, whether due to a catch made outside the court or due to physical contact that hinders the action, is resolved between the players. When an agreement cannot be reached then the Frisbee is given back to whoever launched it last and the action begins again.

A competitive spirit is encouraged and indeed, is the basic ingredient for the Ultimate competition. Like in all other sports, the objective is to win but never to the detriment of loyalty, honesty and the pure joy of playing. It may seem strange but it’s true, that’s how it works and it always works well! At the end of each match, the teams chat and joke about the match before saying their goodbyes. At the end of each tournament, the fairest and friendliest team is presented with the “Spirit of the Game” fair play award that is almost as coveted as the final victory itself.

A “jewel of the sea” that relaunches sailing tourism on the Rimini Riviera. The Marina di Rimini, an extremely modern and functional wet dock, is already operational and has given the city a new heart, which is in an important strategic position for all marine enthusiasts. With 660 berths, 60 for craft in transit, and covering a surface area of 108,000 square metres, Rimini Marina is one of the leading harbours in Italy and indeed the Mediterranean, thanks especially to the extremely advanced construction techniques used to build it. The new quays can be reached via the old canal port, which means that boats and other craft can enter the marina no matter what the sea conditions. The port is on average 4 metres deep and is therefore, also suitable for larger boats. The marina has parking facilities for 500 cars, including garages and both covered and uncovered parking spaces.