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Belgian province of West Flanders

The active vacationers will find plenty of things to do in Flanders. They can walk to their heart's content in cities and villages as well as in nature. A wide range of signposted routes have been mapped out for them. This is also the case for those who want to go cycling, on their own bicycle or on a rented one, through bicycling paradise Flanders. Flanders also offers a wide variety of other recreational activities, such as horseback riding, gold, fishing and beach sailing.

If you want to spend a nice relaxing day in one of the amusement or theme parks between the coast and Kempen, take a look at the wide selection of amusement parks. Flanders also offers you a wide selection of animal parks, going from general parks to specific zoos. And for those who prefer the peace and quietness of a nature and want to enjoy the unique flora collection, can do so in one of the many large public gardens or parks of our cities and villages.

Oostduinkerke is a part of the Flanders West Coast.

Quite some years ago, this peaceful little fishermen's village decided to engage in the tourist trade. The result is hundreds of cheery villas and large appartment buildings that warmly welcome holiday-makers. All the same, Oostduinkerke still offers plenty of open spaces as well as the possibility of enjoying a view of the dunes and the flourishing greenery. The 'Groenendijk' beach in particulart offers peace and quiet, out towards Nieuwpoort.

Many artists and intellectuals spent their holidays here, but nowadays, Oostduinkerke seems to be a meeting place for political figures. In Oostduinkerke, the 'shrimp' is king and enjoys a great deal of attention, both in folklore events and in the field of gastronomy. Oostduinkerke is also the only resort in Belgium where one can see shrimpers on horseback going about their work. Holiday-makers who appreciate calm, nature and gastronomic pleasures will particularly appreciate this seaside resort.

The Flanders coast is one of the only places in the world, and certainly the only place on the North Sea coast, where the ancient tradition of horseback shrimp fishing can still be seen. The shrimps are harvested using a method which dates back generations, with one or two horses dragging the heavy nets along. The horses only go into the water at low tide, when the largest area of the beach can be dragged. The horse and fishermen regularly come up onto dry land to unload their catch in the baskets which are attached to the sides of the horse's body. You can see our unique shrimp fishermen at work on the beach, and the shrimp procession in Oostduinkerke is a colourful spectacle which takes place every year.

Koksijde, Oostduinkerke, St-Idesbald and Wulpen count together 120.000 inhabitants. There are 40.000 houses with 27.000 domiciles. Surface of the area: 4395 ha. A walk in the nature reserves (701 ha), on the beach (8 km), on the promenade (3,6 km), is a real pleasure. Breadth of the beach by low-tide: 250-700m, by high-tide: 50150m. European town, twin town of Bad-Schallerbach in Austria; Konz (near Trier) in Germany. Oostduinkerke twin town of Biedenkopf in Germany; La Charité-sur-Loire in France; Wépion in Belgium. Sint-Idesbald twin town of Wanze (Antheit) in Belgium; Europe flag 1985.