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  • Rifugio Garda Tremalzo
  • Via : Tremalzo n°15 - Comune di Ledro
  • Provincia di Trento - Italia
  • 0464/598105

The South Tyrol and Trentino constitute the beautiful region of Trentino-Alto Adige/Südtirol

Unless otherwise stated, the prices quoted are per person for a stay of 1 week, (from the afternoon of the first day to the morning of the eighth day), in a two bed room with private bathroom and occupied by two people. Prices include I.v.a. (V.A.T.) and service taxes. Also shown are any additional charges for single rooms and reductions for extra beds, (children must be under the ages shown for reductions). The type of service (full board, half board, bed and breakfast) is indicated in each price list.

Unless otherwise stated, the prices quoted are per apartment for a stay of 1 week, (from the afternoon of the first day to the morning of the eighth day), as indicated in each price list. Prices include the rent of a fully furnished apartment, dishware, cutlery, cooking utensils and blankets. Any other services, included or extra, are indicated in the price lists. When guests arrive they must provide the deposit requested by the local agency, which will be returned when they leave if no damage is found in the apartment. Apartments may not be occupied by more people (babies and children included) than that declared at the time of the reservation otherwise the Residence management may refuse to hand over the apartment.

For children under 2 years old (unless stated otherwise) the price is paid at the hotel along with the cost of any meals consumed. For children over 2 and up to 6-10 years (sharing a room with the parents) the price and reductions are shown in each list.

In each description of the establishments, it is specified whether pets (normally small ones) are accepted or not. Where a supplement is required, this must be paid locally. Please note that animals are not allowed in restaurants or public rooms and they must not disturb other guests.

Unless otherwise indicated, the establishments generally hand over rooms between 15.30 to 16.00 of the first day and they are to be vacated not later than 09.00 or 09.30 of the last. Each establishment has its own regulations that we kindly ask you to respect.

Unless expressly stated, drinks during meals, baggage handling, tips, the use of sports equipment and anything else not expressly indicated as being included in the price regarding the service chosen.

The cost of extra beds over and above the maximum number indicated for each apartment, cleaning and linen changes more frequently than that indicated, any damage caused to the apartment or its furnishings, meals, drinks, tips, baggage handling and anything else not expressly indicated in the price.

In each of the skiing resort presentations, we have included general tourist information, a graphical representation of the ski runs and ski-pass prices. Prices are supplied by the companies that manage the ski lifts and therefore Trentino Holidays cannot be held responsible for any changes made to them.

Trentino Holidays is only responsible for that expressly indicated in its catalogue. While it does, when available, supply brochures written by the establishments offering accommodation, it cannot be held responsible for the information they contain. Nor can it be held responsible for any unforeseeable or unexpected events, variations caused by management changes or due to the inexorable necessities of the proprietors or managers of the establishments. No refunds will be given to those who for any reason whatsoever interrupt their stay unless the management of the holiday accommodation has issued a written statement recognising the right to such reimbursement.

Diving, plunging, relaxation - What more could a child wish for on holiday than a day’s fun in the water with Mummy and Daddy? Südtirol’s aquatic parks are an oasis for the whole family. Beauty treatments, sauna and solarium for Mummy; massages, curative baths and relaxation for Daddy and for the children, slides, the countercurrent swimming pool, water jets, fountains, the pirates’ net and plenty more. Südtirol’s largest aquatic parks are at Brixen, Innichen and Naturns, where fun and relaxation are all but guaranteed.

Up at cockcrow, breakfast with freshly-laid eggs, butter spread on bread straight from the oven, homemade jam - The start of a typical day in any of Südtirol’s five farmsteads recognised as specialists in catering for families, selected according to strict quality criteria. Remote from the traffic, they provide everything a family with small children could wish for: high chairs, baby-phones, bottle warmers, the facilities to wash and iron and to prepare baby food at any time. And the offers are attractive: infants under 3 stay free of charge, there are significant reductions for children aged between 4 and 10. Then games, animals, adventures.

Italy’s smallest city - Enclosed behind medieval walls and towered over by some of the highest mountains in the Alps, Glurns is the jewel of Vinschgau. It has everything typical of a medieval city: centires-old gateways, imposing defensive watchtowers, narrow arcaded streets. Glurns counts only 800 inhabitants, making it the smallest town in Italy with the status of city. It is an excellent outing destination for families and appeals especially to children, who feel at home among the romantic narrow streets and arcades.

Hidden allure of Südtirol’s mountain mines - Miner’s boots, a helmet with a lamp at the front…the equipment is ready. All in the railcar and we’re off! Südirol’s mines await you. You can travel in the railcar originally used to transport the miners into the narrow galleries, grip a pick-axe and improvise at being a miner, wander from tunnel to tunnel, between gaps and communication galleries on foot or experiment on the world’s largest rail mine transport system. You can experience how life was in Europe’s highest mine. The Schneeberg mountain, Ridnaun, Prettau and Steinhaus await your visit with open rocks!

An ancient fountain of well being - Doctors agree on the health benefits of a hay bath. It strengthens the immune system, has a purifying effect and allieviates numerous health conditions, such as rheumatism, arthritis and excess weight. The ‘Bauernbadl’ or farmers’ baths have a long tradition and are still popular. Having undergone a form of ‘restyling’ they have become the mainstay of a large number of hotels. Imagine being enclosed in warm, steaming hay and resting there quietly for 20-30 minutes, whilst you let the warmth of the mountain grass and beneficial herbs such as lady’s mantel, lamb’s lettuce, arnica and gentian work their beneficial effect on your body and soul. In Südtirol nothing can be taken for granted: Even when it comes to relaxing health baths the Magic of Diversity is to the fore!

A mountain of delights - Südtirol is famous for much more than its superb unspoilt mountain scenery. ’Speck’ and other meat specialities, strudel, juicy aromatic apples, superb wines and many more delicious and authentic food products make Südtirol a gourmet’s El Dorado. Südtirol’s genuine quality food products are distinguished by a round logo featuring a mountain and the name ‘SÜDTIROL’ or ‘ALTO ADIGE’, or in the case of wine labels, ‘Südtirol DOC’. Look for these hallmarks of quality and take home a delicious piece of Südtirol.

Knights of yore and their vestiges - Spring is here and Südtirol’s castles are upping their portcullises and drawbridges to welcome visitors. Who would have thought that over four hundred castles and fortified noble manor houses positioned on hilltops and spectacular ledges in the rock faces would be needed to defend this peaceful mountain region in days of yore? Many of Südtirol’s castles are perfectly preserved and within their walls time has stood still, in the knights’ halls and inner courtyards, beneath their keeps and battlements, all enveloped in the romance and mystery of bygone centuries. No, it’s not a fairytale…this is Südtirol, where variety seduces!

In the steps of knights of yore - Discover Südtirol’s eventful past, revealed in its 400 castles, manor houses, stately residences and ruins. Some loom high above the valley floor, others nestle among vineyards or guard the low-lying areas from aloft. The imposing keeps and towers, the walls and battlemented parapets, knights’ halls and castle chapels are vestiges of bygone days and reminders of momentous events which shaped the course of history. Encounter these fascinating remnants of a golden age, of knights, lords and ladies of the castles, jousting and chivalry.

Remote from the light of day - Darkness, the only light supplied by miners’ lamps: such was the ambience in the galleries when, for centuries, face-workers descended deep below ground to extract copper, lead, zinc or silver in Südtirol’s four mines. Today visitors can put on hard hats with a lamp attached and gain insight into this ‘underworld’, experiencing at first hand the tough environment in which miners had to toil centuries ago.

Hiking weeks in the land of the Three Peaks - Mountains, forests, lakes, streams, towns and villages, stately homes, little Alpine churches, farmsteads and untouched countryside all characterize the so called “Green Valley”, the Alta Pusteria. The Val Fiscalina, the majestic Sesto Dolomites with the “sun dial”, not to mention the Three Peaks and the nature reserves Riesenferner, Fanes-Sennes-Braies and Sesto Dolomites are definitely the domain of hikers. Alta Pusteria offers special holiday package deals including 7 nights in a or hotel with half board, a guided tour to the Three Peaks, free transfer from the airport Treviso/Venice to the hotel and a free week's bus travel ticket everywhere around the valley.

Fit and active on 2 wheels - Sport and adventure are the common denominators of a holiday with the Kronplatz-Bike Team. From May to October the choice of bike tours among the world’s most beautiful mountains is endless. Children’s lessons, overnight stays in mountain refuges, workshops, rail transfers and picnics. And for the more daring, mountain bike safaris, guided tours and combinations with rafting. The Kronplatz Bike Arena offers plenty for everybody, and Martin and Bruno await you!

The latest keep-fit calorie-killing sport - It originated in Finland as a means for cross country skiers to keep in training through the summer. Its popularity has now spread to the Alps. In fact it is rather like cross country skiing but without skis: walking at a steady pace using special ski poles, it exercises 85% of the body’s muscles simultaneously and burns almost twice as many calories compared with normal walking. Whether across lush alpine pastures in summer, or along well prepared tracks in the snow, Südtirol offers the perfect conditions to learn and practise Nordic Walking. Some details on Nordic Walking: burns 46% more energy compared with normal walking; exercises 85% of the body’s musculature; burns 400 calories per hour as against 280 walking without poles; strengthens the back muscles; reduces strain on the knees and back (ideal for over-weight people).

South Tyrol's Grand Little Canyon - It may not be as famous as the Grand Canyon in Arizona, but South Tyrol also has its own spectacular ‘Little Canyon’. An impressive deeply carved ravine called Bletterbach. A day to discover this masterpiece of nature and delve into the history of the Dolomites. The descent into the gorge takes you down ladders and along a narrow pathway with steps made secure by railings. From the depths you can admire the sheer walls of porphyry which are over 20 metres high and you may even discover fossils of shellfish, snails and plants as well as minerals among the multi-coloured strata of rock and soil. A raging waterfall awaits you at the end of the gorge – all in all a unique and exciting experience.

Trekking & climbing, Nature’s open air gymnasium - Walking in the great outdoors is one of the most natural ways of staying fit and healthy. Whether you prefer pleasant walks following pathways and forestry tracks across flowery meadows and through woods, or challenging hikes and climbs in the high mountains, in Südtirol nature lovers and sport devotees are spoilt for choice.

Nature awakens after months of dormancy and all of a sudden Südtirol’s central valleys become a sea of apple blossom. This is Europe’s largest orchard, irresistible to cyclists and walkers eager to enjoy the first stirrings of nature in the warm spring sunshine of the southern Alps. And all around the snow-covered mountains contrast starkly with the deep blue sky - a bucolic scene reminiscent of Botticelli’s ‘Primavera’.

"Tφrggelen" tho old autumn tradition is the time for the new wine and typical South-Tyrol specialities. Also the time to taste and savour the new home-made products in a comfortable farmhouse. A very important and traditional event for guests and local people is the "Kuchlkirchtig". There will be organized excursions every year on new ways in the valley Isarco around Brixen to typical farmhouses. The program includes some excursions, wine-tasting and cultural guided tours in Brixen.

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