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The Rosario Marina is situated on tranquil Cascade Bay

Hosted by:
  • Rosario Resort & Spa
  • 1400 Rosario Road - Eastsound
  • Washington 98245 - United States
  • 360.376.2222
  • https://rosarioresort.com/


Rosario Resort & Spa: Rosario Resort & Spa is a historic resort located on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands of Washington State, USA. The resort was founded by Robert Moran, a shipbuilder and former Seattle mayor, who built a large mansion named the Moran Mansion on the property in the early 20th century. The mansion is now the centerpiece of the resort and serves as a museum.

Rosario Marina: The Rosario Marina is a marina located at Rosario Resort & Spa. It provides moorage facilities for boats and yachts, offering visitors a place to dock and enjoy the amenities of the resort. The marina is situated in a picturesque bay and provides access to East Sound, a body of water between Orcas Island and Shaw Island.

The marina offers various services and amenities, which might include:
  • Moorage: Space for boats and yachts to dock temporarily or for extended periods.
  • Facilities: Amenities such as power hookups, water, and restroom facilities for marina guests.
  • Access to Resort Amenities: Visitors to the marina might have access to the resort's dining options, spa, swimming pool, and other offerings.
  • Scenic Views: The marina likely offers stunning views of the surrounding landscape and water.

The Rosario Marina is situated in the tranquil East Sound, which is a body of water between Orcas Island and Shaw Island. The marina offers a sheltered harbor where boaters can find safe moorage and access to the various amenities offered by the Rosario Resort & Spa.

  • Moorage Facilities: The marina provides spaces for boats and yachts of various sizes, allowing visitors to dock and stay overnight or for longer durations.
  • Dock Services: Services like power hookups, water connections, and waste disposal are typically available to marina guests.
  • Resort Access: Guests at the marina usually have access to the amenities and facilities of Rosario Resort & Spa, which can include restaurants, a spa, a museum, gardens, and possibly swimming pools.
  • Scenic Surroundings: The marina's location in the picturesque East Sound means boaters can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and water.
  • Recreational Opportunities: The marina's location provides convenient access to water-based recreational activities such as kayaking, sailing, fishing, and wildlife watching.