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Rotterdam Centraal Station is also connected to the light rail system, RandstadRail


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Main railway station of the city Rotterdam in South Holland, Netherlands

You can travel to Belgium on the InterCity Brussel and to France on Thalys. To get to Germany you can take the ICE International. There is also an InterCity service to Berlin. In addition, NS Internationaal has night trains to other destinations, including Zurich and Munich.

Eurostar takes you to London in comfort. You travel on the international train from The Netherlands to Brussels, where you transfer to Eurostar. Just 2 hours and 20 minutes later, you arrive in the British capital via the Channel Tunnel. An experience in itself!

You can board a train at any station in The Netherlands. The international train takes you to Brussels Zuid/Midi, where you check in at the Eurostar terminal at least 30 minutes before departure. There are daily Eurostar departures to London about every two hours every day. Eurostar travels to the Channel Tunnel at a speed of 300 km/h. The 'crossing' takes just 21 minutes. Most Eurostar trains stop at Ashford after exiting the tunnel. The journey time from Amsterdam to London Waterloo, in the heart of London, is about six hours. From Rotterdam it is only five hours!

Eurostar to London is a comfortable start to your journey to other destinations in Great Britain. If you want to, you can travel on directly to towns such as Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton and Birmingham.

Eurostar offers a choice between the comfort of Standard Class and the luxury of First Class. If you travel in Standard Class, you can buy a drink or a snack from the bar coach or from the minibar that comes to your seat. Passengers in First Class are offered a complementary drink when they board, a newspaper and a full three-course meal.

Travel while you sleep, that's what you can do on the CityNightLine to Basle, Zurich and Munich, and to Garmisch Partenkirchen in the winter sport season. CityNightLine is the ideal way to travel overnight to your destination in Switzerland or Southern Germany. You arrive at your destination in the morning, fit and rested after a relaxing journey and a good night's rest. No long car journeys, no packed roadside restaurants, no traffic jams, and no stress on the way. Instead of all that, wake up to a view of the Alps.

The CityNightLine Pegasus train leaves Amsterdam Centraal every day at 8.25 p.m. and runs via Utrecht Centraal and Arnhem to Basel and Zurich. The Pollux CityNightLine leaves at the same time, and runs to Munich via the same stations. During the winter sport season (December to March inclusive), the CityNightLine also continues to Garmisch Partenkirchen at weekends. You leave on Friday evening and, having rested on the way, will be on your skis the following day. The return journey from Garmisch-Partenkirchen is on Saturday evening. You may continue your journey after travelling on the CityNightLine. There are excellent connections to other destinations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy.

CityNightLine means good rolling stock and excellent service meeting the requirements of the modern rail traveller. To guarantee you a good night's undisturbed rest in the sleeping cars or couchette coaches, the crew will deal with any customs formalities for you. The crew is at your service all night long and monitors your security. Places in a special ladies' compartment can be reserved for female travellers.

You can enjoy a drink, a snack, a light meal or breakfast in the lounge coach, which is open until 2 a.m. This is the only coach in which smoking is permitted. Service is also available in your compartment. You can take your bicycle with you on all CityNightLine routes (reservation is compulsory).

You can spend the night in a comfortable, individually-adjustable reclining seat. Every reclining seat has its own reading lamp, and blankets are available on request. Toilets and washrooms are located in the corridor.

There are two types of couchette coach, one with compartments for 6 passengers and one with compartments for 4. The 6-passenger couchette coaches have compartments with comfortable bench seats that can be converted into couches, with sheets, blankets and pillows. The 4-passenger compartments have seats that can be converted into beds. Toilets and washrooms are located in the corridor. You can obtain a bottle of mineral water on request before you go to sleep.

The sleeping cars have a choice of compartments for 1, 2 or 4 passengers. Each compartment has its own washing facilities with hot and cold water. Toilets and washrooms are located in the corridor. The Deluxe Single and Double compartments have their own showers and toilets. As well as a bed, you have your own seating. The crew will make up your bed for you, with a duvet and pillow. You will be greeted with a glass of wine and will be given a bottle of mineral water before you go to sleep. Breakfast will be served in your compartment in the morning.

Discover lively Berlin by train! The international train will take you there from Amsterdam in less than six hours. InterCity Berlin trains run three times a day from Amsterdam to the German capital via Hanover. You can also board the train at Amersfoort, Deventer or Hengelo. In less than six hours you will be in the centre of beautiful Berlin.

The InterCity service to Berlin is extremely comfortable, and is equipped with air conditioning in both First and Second Class. The seats in First Class are adjustable and wider, and have a reading light. The Bistro Café on board sells snacks and drinks. Bicycles can be carried in the special bicycle coach (reservations are compulsory).

Travelling by Thalys is extremely fast and comfortable. Thalys takes you from Amsterdam Centraal, The Hague HS, Rotterdam Centraal and other stations to Paris and various other destinations in France. Travelling by Thalys saves time: the entire route between Brussels and Paris, for example, is covered at a top speed of 300 km/h.

Thalys reaches Paris in over four hours from Amsterdam, and in three hours from Rotterdam. You can board the train at four stations in The Netherlands: Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol, The Hague HS and Rotterdam Centraal. If you live in the south of the country, you can travel from Maastricht-Liège or Antwerp-Berchem.

Thalys goes to great lengths to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Compulsory reservation means you are assured of having a seat. The coaches are equipped with comfortable seats that can be individually adjusted. During your journey you can relax and read, work, eat or sleep. Everything is devoted to your arriving refreshed at your destination. Thalys has a bar/buffet coach serving coffee, tea and other beverages, as well as rolls, salads and hot snacks. You can also buy Metro tickets for Brussels and Paris in the bar coach.

Thalys has two service levels: Comfort 1 and Comfort 2. Travelling in Comfort 1 means you get extra service and facilities. For instance, Comfort 1 coaches have more leg room and wider seats. Comfort 1 passengers to Paris are offered in-seat catering between Amsterdam and Brussels and between Brussels and Paris. Depending on the departure time, this consists of a French breakfast, a snack or a light meal. In addition, newspapers are available at the entrance to the coach.

Thalys doesn't just go to Paris, there are another three services: Disney Thalys, Zon-Thalys and Ski-Thalys.

Disney-Thalys - Every Friday morning, Disney-Thalys runs in four and a quarter hours from Amsterdam Centraal almost to the entrance of Disneyland Resort Paris, where it arrives just after twelve o'clock. If you board the train at Rotterdam, the journey takes an hour less. Every Sunday evening Thalys returns to The Netherlands just as quickly, leaving at 5.56 p.m. You are welcomed on board by Disney staff, who can answer all your questions about Disneyland Resort Park and the hotels. On the train, children up to the age of twelve are given a free Disney Fun Pack to enjoy during the journey. Every seat has a table or a folding table: so there is plenty of room for drawing or playing games. If you have made a reservation at one of the six Disneyland Resort Paris hotels, your luggage is taken to the hotel, so you can head straight for Disneyland Resort Park t.

Zon-Thalys - You can travel to the south of France every summer aboard the comfortable Zon-Thalys. It leaves Amsterdam Centraal every Saturday morning at 5.32 a.m. After stopping at Schiphol, The Hague HS, Rotterdam, Antwerp-Berchem and Brussels-Zuid/Midi, you are whisked at high speed direct to Valence TGV, Avignon TGV and Marseilles St. Charles. From these towns you can take connecting trains to the magnificent Alps region or to the most beautiful towns and seaside resorts in the South of France. The journey from Amsterdam to Marseilles takes just 7½ hours. If you leave from Rotterdam the time is a whole hour less! Thalys runs back to The Netherlands on Saturday afternoon, so you arrive back in Amsterdam just after 10 p.m.

Ski-Thalys - Every winter Ski-Thalys takes you quickly and comfortably to the most beautiful ski areas in the French Alps. It runs from the end of December to the end of March, leaving Amsterdam Centraal at 5.30 a.m. every Saturday morning and runs via Schiphol, Leiden Centraal, The Hague HS and Rotterdam Centraal to the French Alps. You arrive relaxed amid the snow in the afternoon. Thalys destinations are: Chambéry, Albertville, Moutiers, Aime la Plagne, Landry and Bourg Saint Maurice. From these stations there are bus transfers that drop you off at the door of your holiday destination.

Travelling by ICE International is fast, comfortable and relaxing. This high-speed train links the Randstad to Oberhausen, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Cologne, Frankfurt en Basle. ICE International gives travelling a new dimension: the train reaches a speed of 300 km/h between Cologne and Frankfurt!

ICE International trains run seven times a day from Amsterdam to Cologne in 2½ hours, and reach Frankfurt Hbf in less than four hours. ICE International trains run once a day to Basel, where you can find connections to all major destinations in Switzerland.

Travelling on ICE International is simply travelling in comfort. Everything has been paid a great deal of attention.

First Class - In First Class you can enjoy the comfort of leather seats and ample leg room, an audio connection, video screen and a connection for your laptop. You can also benefit from interference-free telephone links, because mobile phone signals are amplified. There is air conditioning and a travel information display as well, of course.

Second Class - You want for nothing in Second Class on ICE International either. Comfortable seats, plenty of leg room, an audio connector at every seat and air conditioning for a pleasant travel climate. A clear display provides you with information about the progress of the journey.

Lounge - The lounge in First Class and Second Class is very special., with a glass wall that enables you to look over the driver's shoulder. It also offers peace and quiet for looking through documents, having discussions or even stretching your legs.

Bar/Bistro - The cosy Bar/Bistro provides simple meals, sandwiches, salads, hot snacks, and drinks all through your journey. You can pay cash or with various credit cards. There is also a catering service available at your seat.

The red-and-yellow InterCity brings Antwerp and Brussels pleasantly close.

Every hour of the day you can board the train at Amsterdam Centraal, Schiphol, The Hague HS, Rotterdam Centraal, Dordrecht or Roosendaal. The InterCity Brussel run 15 times a day from Amsterdam to Brussels and back. The train stops in Belgium at Antwerp-Berchem on weekdays (and at Antwerp Centraal on Saturdays and Sundays) and also at Mechelen, Brussels Nord, Brussels Central and Brussels Zuid/Midi.

The journey time is two hours from Amsterdam to Antwerp and three hours to Brussels. Via Antwerp-Berchem (just a 10 minute wait for your connecting train) you can be in Ghent in 45 minutes, Bruges in 1 hour and Ostend in 1½ hours. If you are going to the Ardennes or Luxembourg, change at Brussels Nord station. To travel to Paris and London, you can change trains at Brussels Zuid/Midi to Thalys or Eurostar.

The InterCity Brussel coaches are currently being thoroughly renovated. The seats are extremely comfortable and the coaches are air-conditioned throughout. The facilities in the renovated coaches include 220 volt connections in First Class so that you can make unlimited use of your laptop during your journey. The minibar sells coffee, tea, soft drinks, beer, wine, sandwiches and various snacks. Smoking is not permitted on the InterCity Brussel.

The London Express is a direct train from Amsterdam Central that connects with the Hook of Holland - Harwich ferry service, the Stena Line HSS. The train departs from Amsterdam Centraal at 1.59 p.m. and runs via Schiphol, Leiden Centraal, The Hague HS and Rotterdam Centraal to Hook of Holland. You have plenty of time to transfer to the ferry, which leaves Hook of Holland at 4 p.m.

The Amsterdam Express is a direct train from Hook of Holland to Amsterdam Centraal. It connects with the ferry service from Harwich that arrives in Hook of Holland at 3.20 p.m. The train departs from Hook of Holland at 3.58 p.m. and runs to Amsterdam Centraal via Rotterdam Centraal, The Hague HS, Leiden Centraal and Schiphol. A different timetable operates on Sundays and public holidays. See the international train planner for exact times.

You can transfer in Germany to the DB NachtZug and UrlaubsExpress (the special German Railways holiday trains) to various destinations in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Denmark and Italy. Destinations and times can be found in the international train planner.

Many destinations in France are easy to reach by TGV. You can travel every day from Paris and Brussels to Nice, Perpignan, Marseilles and Poitiers, for example. Destinations and times can be found in the international train planner.

Prague can be reached from The Netherlands with a single transfer. You can choose between the day and the night connections. If you use the day train, a comfortable InterCity service will take you to Berlin, where you transfer to the EuroCity to Prague. You leave The Netherlands in the morning and arrive in Prague during the evening.

You can also use the night trains that run daily. The ICE International takes you in the early evening to Frankfurt, where you transfer to the comfortable night train to Prague. There are various types of accommodation to choose from on this train: day coach, couchette coach or sleeping car. Destinations and times can be found in the international train planner.