Rungsted Kyst Live Cam

In the middle of the Øresund Coast


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  • Rungsted Havn 10
  • 2960 Rungsted kyst - Denmark
  • +45 4586 8311
  • [email protected]

Rungsted havn is in Denmark's most beautiful area

Rungsted Havn - one of the largest marinas in Denmark; welcomes you! The high level of service, the beautiful surroundings with many sights and a large number of shops and companies make the marina an attractive destination - whether by land or sea. We hope that in addition to the practical information on this page, we have aroused your interest in the many shopping opportunities the marina has to offer. We will shortly have created individual pages with more detailed information about the given and affordable shopping opportunities. The work required for this is in preparation. Travel lift (up to max. 20 tons) and 5 ton crane must be operated by the shipyard, while the mast crane is available for self-service by our guests.

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