Athol Live Cam

Located in beautiful North Idaho


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  • ilverwood & Boulder Beach
  • 27843 N Hwy 95, Athol
  • Idaho 83801 - United States
  • +1 (208) 683-3400 Ext: 0
  • [email protected]

Want big rides, big slides, and big fun?

You've been shaken, splashed, dropped, drenched and scared out of your wits. Hmm. Sounds like another great day at Silverwood. With the Addition of our Boulder Beach Water Park, Silverwood offers more fun, more excitement and more adventure than any other Northwest Theme Park.

Oh, we still feature Tremors, our 60-mile per hour, heart-in-your-throat, then go screaming underground roller coaster. You'll still find Timber Terror, our other famous rides like Thunder Canyon, Corkscrew, along with Tinywood, the always-fun water rides, Steam Train and top notch stage performers, magicians, live shows and special events.

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