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Situated in the Záhorie lowland, under the Little Carpathians


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The capital of Slovakia

Bratislava is a meeting point of two lowlands and the beginning of one of the most noticeable mountain ranges of Europe. It is not only those hills penetrating through the city which offer the panoramic view a growing city will be lying at your feet. Witness how a city grows and spreads its buds.

An authentic view of a historical place which is a meeting point of east and west and the meeting point of the two rivers the Danube and the Morava, will be offered to you not only from castle Devín towering on a large rock. One hour walk from Devin through an oak beech forest will lead you to the highest point of Bratislava Devínska Kobyla (514 m above sea level). The never ending sight of the Moravian plains (Marchfeld) and the forests of Danube and Morava can be seen from a unique vantage point of Sand Mountain Sandberg above Devínska Nova Ves. From Devín there is trail through a unique forest ecosystem and richest flora of Slovakia.

The view on the eastern city from nature on a ski slope in Koliba is calming. Adventure in the rotating restaurant in the tower Kamzík, (200 m) will take your breath away. The view of roofs on both sides of the Danube is like a jigsaw puzzle switched with the view of never ending plains and forests of the Danube and Záhorská plain as well as the mountains of the small Carpathians of the north.

The rush and pulse of the city beneath you and the peace and memories around you, this is the view from the legendary memorial of Slavín a resting place for the last Russian soldiers prior to the liberation of Bratislava in April of 1945. A closer look at the streets of the old town, St. Martins Cathedral, Danube, Petržalka, but also the 100m buildings of the eastern part of the city all can seen from the gardens and historical holes of Bratislava Castle. The streets and red roofs of houses in the historical old town you can see from the view point of Michalská tower, which is part of a tour, connected with weapons and the old city walls of Bratislava.

“From zero to silent surprise“ will take you up an elevator in the Slovak Construction of last century in 45 seconds. The viewpoint from the Nový most UFO at an altitude of 95 meters gives you the city right beneath you.

Contrast is exciting, and Bratislava is no different in this sense. Welcome to a city where the new complements the old, rivers alternate with hills, silence follows in the footstep of noise, and a cosmopolitan spirit walks side by side with provinciality!

The stark contrast of the picturesque architecture and narrow streets of the Old Town and the less exciting concrete housing schemes remind us of the rises and falls of Bratislava during its long history. Bratislava blossomed and boomed over centuries, but also mushroomed and became ragged during half a century of socialism.

Nowadays the city is far from dormant, as it is experiencing an era of great change and in a short space of time many parts of the city will become almost unrecognisable. For some this represents fixing the injustices of the former regime and the much deserved conversion of the city into a beautiful European metropolis, while for others this era represents the uncontrollable progress of capitalism. Whatever the case, you can witness architectonic contrasts with every step in the city – sometimes pleasing, sometimes surprising, but always interesting.

The mighty River Danube flanked by lowlands and forest-covered hills combine to create a beautiful contrasting location for a city where nature is never far away. Behind the concrete you can find the richness of meadow forests, behind the factories there is the blue water of the Danube and from the city centre it is only a few kilometres away to the beautiful forests of the Malé Karpaty Mts. The buzz of the city is often replaced by the tranquillity of nature, which is extremely pleasant.

Bratislava, one of the youngest European capitals, where the recent provinciality is being increasingly blown away by a cosmopolitan wind, coming mostly from the west. Despite the vibrant mix of language groups in the city’s streets, it is still true that a chance meeting with some acquaintance is nothing unusual. This contrast gives the city a relaxed friendly atmosphere, brought to life by the enjoyment of people from various countries meeting each other. Make sure you don’t miss out on this palette of contrasts in the “Little big City”.

Actionland offers you the chance to experience various types of unusual vehicles Let the wind rush through your hair in a buggy or go-kart, try what it is like in an armoured car or carrier, take a helicopter flight!

Or is having fun on the water more your style? Nothing is impossible. Hire a jet ski, motorboat, or experience the special adrenalin of a hovercraft! If you prefer the sound of water without engines, why not try rafting or hydrospeed (new to Slovakia) at the water sports resort in Čunovo. If you feel like parachuting, you can also have a go at it in Čunovo!

The list of crazy things to do does not end there. Fun-bicycle, offroad scooter, bow or crossbow archery, bronco bull and air balloon trip – no limit on your fantasy here. Exciting activities are the forte of the agency Quinta Essentia – let yourself go and try out just about anything, climbing on crates, spin ball, or be thrown up into the air by catapult! A more dignified way of reaching the skies is by glider – Aeroklub Bratislava operates from the airport in Vajnory.

If you want to gain altitude by your own steam, then try any of the many artificial climbing walls in the city. The best natural climbing face nearby is at the Pajštún castle ruins above Borinka. If you want to do a bit of rope climbing, just go to the high ropes course Tarzania Aupark or Lanoland in the treetops at Koliba.

If you feel too safe in the city, why not shoot it out in combat with your friends – paintball is available at Čunovo (Actionland), Kalinkovo (Devils Paintball Club) and at Staré Grunty (SVAT).

Have you got a racing bike and don’t know what to do with it? Test your stamina on the specially adapted route from Koliba to Železná studnička, or in Karlova Ves! Don’t you think you have been reading long enough already?