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Known as the 'City of Canals'

Venice, an enchanting city. In summer her fascination is enhanced by the luxuriant greenery, the incomparable sunsets on the lagoon, the sweet ripple you feel in the air. And Venice is also the Lido where summer means mainly holidays, and holidays mean bracing sea, air, sports, entertainment, beach and relaxation.

Here on Lido the tones and colours are more subdued and the air discreet for those who ask for a vacation full of refined well-being and relaxed atmosphere. The hotels, hidden among the greenery, do not have the brash arrogance of modern constructions built for mass tourist accomodations.

Here, hotels are still home for the Guest not just an anonymous cold structure of where to eat and sleep. On the Lido you are sorrounded by a relaxed atmosphere. Take advantage of it. Last but certainly not least there is the magnificent beach, at once combining lazy abandon with exciting entertainment.

Veneto, a beautiful Italian region

The name derives from the denomination of Venetia attributed by Romans to the 10th imperial region inhabited by ancient people of Venetos.

The first human settlements didn't change the territory organization very much, only when the Romans came in II century b.C.. They divided all the fertile land in pieces of circa 4800 sq.m. and distributed them as a property between the families of the colony. Romans founded the cities of Verona, Vicenza and Padova and enforced the communication system. Region had a particular importance because of its strategic position at the east of the empire. During the Middle Ages the chaos caused by the decline of the empire and barbaric invasions suspended the reorganization of the territory for many centuries. In course of this period the population migrated to the sea costs and its islands. This is how Venice was born, destined to become the most important city since IX century, with its great political, commercial and navy powers.

From XIII century in numerous provinces and especially in Trevigiano was given a start to breeding of silkworms (imported from China) and cultivation of mulberry. In XV century, being in the most of the blooming periods of its history, Venice provided grandiose works of arrangement of its lagoon. In the last decades of XIX century and especially in the first half of the XX century was begun the new reorganization work: with the opening of the Suez Canal the port of Venice had got again a big importance, which gave the new commercial role to the Mediterranean Sea; foreign investments that permitted to create the industrial infrastructure in Porto Marghera; improvement of communications which allowed to reinforce the contacts with the adjoining Lombardy; development of the industrial bas along the main communication ways; blooming of tourism.

The territory of the region is divided into seven provinces: Venezia, Belluno, Padua, Rovigo, Treviso, Verona and Vicenza, including 582 communes.