St. Croix Live Cam

Cane Bay Beach on the North Shore


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  • The Landing Beach Bar
  • 110c Cane Bay - Christiansted
  • St. Croix - U.S. Virgin Islands
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An island paradise with lush tropical hills, brilliantly turquoise water and warm

From the sprawling, luxurious resort to the intimate bed and breakfast, the range of possibilities spreads in pastel shades across St. Croix. Golfer? We've got your green. Shopper? We've got your bag. Beach bum: Calypso or Colada? Luxury was never so lush, economy was never so extravagant!

For transportation: you can rent a car, take a taxi, walk or bicycle. Do what the locals do: if you're a guest in a downtown hotel, plan fun-filled day trips out to beaches, remote spots, resorts, and golf courses. If you've chosen a remote resort, cruise into Christiansted or Frederiksted for events, sightseeing, shopping, and dinner. Accommodations exist to suit all tastes and time frames, and your helpful hosts will assist you in arranging any activity our island offers. We will welcome you in your style!

Dine out in the balmy air in a courtyard flanked by stone columns, Danish arches, trees and gardens. Enjoy the view from your table on a hilltop verandah or balcony. Take in paintings, photography, and tasteful decor, or enjoy the homey atmosphere of a local deli, cafe, barbeque or burger stop. There is food for all tastes and occasions, and our specialties are special indeed. Crunch conch fritters or crack open clawless Caribbean lobster. Try the local fresh fish brought in minutes ago, and prepared in unique fashion by an expert chef.

Whether you're chatting with the friendly bartender over your cheeseburger or asking your knowledgeable server to recommend food and wine pairings, you will enjoy excellent service.

You could spend hours gazing at the Caribbean's gently lapping layers of blue, turquoise, and aquamarine, and you probably will. However, we encourage you to venture off the shore and experience St. Croix's sea from a different angle on it, or in it! You'll never gaze at the layers of blue in the same way again.

Go diving or snorkeling. See the secrets of the sea for which St. Croix was voted a top Caribbean diving destination. Take a sailing tour to Buck Island; you'll understand why the island and its reef have been made a National Park. If you try sailing on your own, or kayaking, waterskiing, parasailing, or windsurfing, you'll learn to work with the sea, its waves and whims. If you spend your time fishing, you'll get to know the sea as a source of exotic abundance.

Even if you choose just to go for a relaxing swim, you will never gaze upon the seascape in the same way again. The Caribbean's waters are welcoming, and St. Croix is an easy place to accept the invitation!

John F. Kennedy was largely responsible for making St. Croix's treasured Buck Island a national park. Take a guided snorkeling tour of the underwater trail and surround yourself with coral, angel fish, and crustaceans. Since the trail is protected by the national park system, capacity is limited - so do not delay in reserving your space on one of several boats that sail to Buck Island daily.

Visit our studios and shops for local arts and crafts inspired by island culture. St. Croix is a haven for artists and artisans. The Cruzan hook clasps other cultures as well; you'll have no trouble finding imported handmade crafts from around the world. When you pack, be sure to leave room for the island-inspired and exotic imported clothing you'll find brightening windows all over town. The "Duty Free" and "Special Discounts for Visitors" signs will certainly brighten your day, your wrist, and your wardrobe!

So, you've decided island life is for you! Or it's for you, but just for half the year. Or just the season. Or you just can't tear yourself away from that stressful stateside job for more than two weeks. One week. Whatever your needs, our award winning real estate agents will help to set you up timeshare, rental, condo or home ownership. Soon you'll be enjoying your house on the hill, your mountaintop villa, your beach bungalow, your harbour apartment, your seaside condo, or your timeshare on the sand. Sound tempting? Singles, couples, families, retirees St. Croix has the island life for you!

St. Croix is an island of plenty of palm trees, pink hibiscus, plush green hills, and plunging cliffs. The diversity of life to be found between our eastern desert and our western rain forest is astounding. Where else does it take but a half-hour to go from a cactus to a kapok tree? A drive through this generous land with an occasional stop for a walk or photo might be enough activity for many, but sportier sightseers can catch the beauty from crests, courts, and courses.

Or you can leave the car behind. Take a long hike or explore on bicycle or horseback. Indeed, there are plenty of places to soak in the sun, plenty of spots in the sand for frisbee and beach volleyball, and plenty of time to do it all remember, you're on island time now.

Celebrate nature! Visit our botanical gardens, rain forest or underwater national park. Marvel at the giant kapok tree and the "monkey no climb". Brilliant leaves and flowers abound. And it gets even better underwater.

In Frederiksted, the ships loom large and almost surreal on the seascape, an impeccable white at noon, golden and reflective at sunset, and a string of citylike lights at night. People stream up and down the dock and spill onto the streets. Harbour Night festivities enliven the town with lights and laughter, music, munchies, and merchandise.

In Christiansted, you have merely to glance over at Hotel on the Cay, the beach resort on a tiny island in the harbour. The sand is as speckled with color as a handmade sarong. In town, the shops overflow with eager customers and the streets with excited sightseers. Chefs and servers always know when a cruise ship is in town. Vacationers only have one afternoon to enjoy St. Croix cuisine, and they certainly do! There are many ways to tell it's a cruise ship day on St. Croix, but mainly it's a hustle and a bustle, an excitement in the air, and a fun and festive flair.