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A luxury health resort with a peat pulp bath and mineral spa

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Free State of Bavaria

The Sisi-Road - Sisi was a well travelled lady who visited most of Europe. Follow in the footsteps of the Empress and Queen Elisabeth from Wittelsbacher Land to Budapest. If you continue along the route towards Italy you can also take in Neuschwanstein castle in Füssen.

The Crystal Road - Eastern Bavaria’s Crystal Road is home to an unbelievable concentration of glassware manufacturing facilities and artistes second to none. It is here that the most beautiful glasses, glassware, glass panels, vases, trophies and artifacts are carefully produced. The Upper Palatinate Forest and the Bavarian Forest form one of Europe’s leading glass manufacturing centres that looks back on centuries of long-standing tradition.

In recent years the Crystal Road has become a very popular destination for holidays and excursions. Many of the showrooms and factories have show workshops where visitors can see the glass in all stages of production from the raw material, through to the finishing and polishing. Some of the larger facilities offer tours of the factory floor. Every factory shop is quite unique and each offers a true all-in shopping experience.

Come and experience for yourself this wonderful route following the Bavarian-Bohemian border, traversing Central Europe’s largest forested area and Germany’s very first National Park – the Bavarian Forest. The Crystal Road – where culture and nature meet the beauty of glass!

Some 6,000 hectares of picturesque vineyards provide some of the best white wines ever and the region’s red wines are sought-after specialities. The inimitable taste of the wine is a true experience as are the cosy wine bars, wine tasting venues and convivial wine festivals.

Bavaria is well-known for its bigger festivals and events like the "Oktoberfest" in Munich and the "Christkindlsmarkets" like in Munich, Nuremberg or Rothenburg. We want to show you a little bit more about the Bavarian style of living, the traditions, festivals and events.

Instead of wasting valuable time just hanging around during a stopover at Munich Airport why not put this time to best use by exploring Munich, the nearby towns and villages, experiencing our cultural highlights, seeing Bavaria’s romantic natural beauty or just enjoying an unforgettable shopping trip. There are also heaps of family-friendly stopover ideas and plenty of opportunity for the children to burn off a bit of excess energy at one of our partner leisure facilities near Munich airport.

A dense network of road and rail options, the airports of Munich, Nuremberg, Augsburg and Frankfurt together with reliable car rental operations assure you of a convenient journey.

This overview of state transport will not only help you decide the best way to get around either by public transport, train or hire car it will also tell you all you need to know about cable cars, boat trips on the lakes and river cruises.

Discover a truely diverse shopping scene! Contemporary architecture and history teamed with inimitable Bavarian traditions make parting with your money an absolute pleasure! Fashion, design, culinary delicacies, regional produce, crafts and artefacts are all popular purchases for visitors to the state. You will find advices for several guided tours through the hearts of the cities or to interesting places.

Find out the wide range of cultural highlights. Bavaria is not only acknowledged as having one of the finest landscapes in central Europe it also has a fine range of breathtakingly beautiful castles, palaces and gardens, historically powerful monasteries, a fantastic range of museums.

Gently undulating green hills where Bavarian cows graze in peace, picturesque farming communities huddled around towering onion-top spires where old traditions are lovingly preserved, glittering crystal-clear lakes and imposing mountain summits that turn into a white winter wonderland – that’s what Munich’s scenic surroundings that teem with attractive destinations are all about.