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Milos, one of the most beautiful Islands of Cyclades


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Milos Greece island of Cyclades, Rent apartments

Many people are looking for relaxation, other intense moments full of action, adventure, and fun. Emotions that, in both cases, leave us a tender memory next winter, feelings that give you the opportunity to live when you come to Milos! Come to Milos, discover why and swim in one of the 75 beaches of the island! Your stay in our self-catering apartments can be unforgettable. Come to Milos to experience one of the happiest moments of your life, so that you and your guests can stay at our property, taking advantage of special prices and periods!

Greece comes in the 15th place in the world classification of tourist destinations, receiving 14.033.378 tourists each year (National Statistical Service of Greece, provisional data). The major part (92,25%) are originating from Europe (70,4% from the EU) and 79,8% of foreign tourists came by plane. Tourist investments incentives are included in the law 2601/98 (Development Law). Through the above law, incentives are offered to private investment for the economic and regional development of the country.

Restaurants are almost anywhere on the island and many are open the year around, beeing attended by local people. Many of them specialize in fish, or meat or local plates. All restaurants in Adamas are fairly good, those in Plaka somewhat more touristic, and very good are those in Tripitì and Triovassalos ("Erghina" first of all, followed by "Glaronissia" and "O Xamos", "Belivanies" is specialized in souvlaki and meat). In Paleohori we recommend "Artemis". Restaurants on the waterfront of Pollonia, must improve.

Prices are generally very convenient everywhere, with an average price (year 2000) of 3500 dracmas for a full meal. Eating fish: from 12 to 16000 dracmas per kilo. Milos has many local products: from fresh fish to very good pork meat, potatoes, eggplants, zucchini and "skordalià", the delicate garlic sauce.

Name days are celebrated more than birthdays. Go to the various feasts ("panaghiri") which take place the day before the name day at the Saint's Church. As to music, a local group of musician is giving birth to a series of interesting events, throughout the year. Watch for the various ads posted in the shops and on the electrical columns.