WFIE Tower Live Cam

Located on Mount Auburn Road in Evansville


WFIE, also known as Channel 14, is an NBC-affiliated television station located in Evansville, Indiana. Here's a brief history of WFIE:

Early Years: WFIE first went on the air on October 17, 1953, as WTVW, an independent station owned by the George Norton family. It was the first television station in the Evansville market. Initially, the station had a primary affiliation with ABC and secondary affiliations with DuMont and NBC.

Call Sign Change: In 1968, the station changed its call sign to WFIE, which stands for "We're First in Evansville." The change in call letters reflected the station's commitment to providing local news coverage.

Ownership Changes: Over the years, WFIE has undergone several ownership changes. In 1983, the Norton family sold the station to Malrite Communications Group. Later, in 1996, Malrite Communications merged with Raycom Media, which became the new owner of WFIE.

Switch to NBC Affiliation: In 1995, WFIE ended its long-standing affiliation with ABC and switched to NBC, becoming the network's affiliate for the Evansville market. This affiliation change allowed viewers in the region to access popular NBC programming, including shows like "The Today Show," "Saturday Night Live," and "The Tonight Show."

Digital Transition: Like other television stations, WFIE underwent the transition from analog to digital broadcasting. On February 17, 2009, the station ceased analog transmissions and began broadcasting exclusively in digital format, enhancing the picture and sound quality for viewers.

Studio Relocation: In 2011, WFIE moved its studio facilities to a new location in Evansville. The new state-of-the-art building allowed for improved production capabilities and enhanced news coverage.

Community Involvement: WFIE has been actively involved in the local community throughout its history. The station has sponsored and supported various charitable events, fundraisers, and initiatives to benefit the residents of the Evansville area.

News and Programming: WFIE has gained recognition for its comprehensive local news coverage and community-focused programming. The station provides news, weather, sports, and other features relevant to the Evansville market. It also broadcasts popular NBC shows and syndicated programming.

Throughout its existence, WFIE has played a significant role in delivering news, entertainment, and information to the viewers of Evansville and the surrounding areas. It continues to be a prominent television station serving the local community.

  • News Operation: WFIE has established itself as a leading source for local news in the Evansville area. The station produces news broadcasts throughout the day, including morning, midday, evening, and late-night newscasts. The news team at WFIE covers a wide range of topics, including local events, politics, community issues, sports, weather, and human interest stories.
  • Weather Coverage: Weather plays a crucial role in the Midwest, and WFIE has a dedicated team of meteorologists who provide accurate and up-to-date weather forecasts. The station offers weather updates during newscasts and provides additional coverage during severe weather events such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, and winter storms. Viewers can also access weather information through the station's website and mobile app.
  • Sports Coverage: WFIE delivers comprehensive sports coverage, focusing on local high school teams, college athletics, and professional sports. The station features highlights, scores, and in-depth stories on local athletes and teams. It covers major sporting events, including the Indianapolis 500 and NCAA basketball tournaments.
  • Community Engagement: WFIE actively engages with the local community through various initiatives and partnerships. The station supports local charities, sponsors community events, and encourages viewer participation in social causes. WFIE also collaborates with local organizations to promote awareness, fundraising, and volunteerism.
  • Digital Presence: In addition to its television broadcasts, WFIE maintains a strong online presence. The station's website features news articles, video clips, weather updates, and community information. WFIE also utilizes social media platforms to interact with viewers, share news stories, and provide real-time updates.
  • Awards and Recognition: WFIE has received numerous awards and accolades for its journalism and community service. The station's news team has been recognized for excellence in reporting, investigative journalism, and storytelling. Additionally, WFIE has been honored for its commitment to public service and community involvement.

WFIE Channel 14 continues to serve as a trusted source of news, weather, and entertainment for the Evansville community. Its dedication to local coverage, community engagement, and technological advancements has contributed to its prominence in the region's media landscape.