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Roof of the Wonnemeyer Weststrandhalle in List


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  • Wonnemeyer Weststrandhalle
  • Ellenbogen 3
  • 25992 List - Netherlands
  • 04651 870266

The most beautiful hideaway that the Wonnemeyers have seen

After numerous trips together to the far corners of the globe, inspired by the sunsets at various beach cafés on distant coasts and exotic islands, Rüdiger Meyer and Britta Wonneberger opened their own "Café Del Mar" on the island of Sylt, near the German/Danish border, in 1997.

Built on 100 Douglas fir piles driven into the sand of the beach at Wenningstedt, Wonnemeyer is first in line to offer a view across the North Sea toward England. The large terrace with the breath-taking view is furnished with simple wooden tables and benches, where you can sit and relax while enjoying the "Big ABC": A for Austern (oysters), B for Bier, and C for Currywurst.

Less is more? Is the motto at Wonnemeyer, with the emphasis on freshness and quality. Seasonal fish grilled with coarse rock salt, with potatoes and salad is the number one hit, followed by steamed mussels or the mussel plate, which brings together three different varieties of shellfish, including wild mussels from Sylt.

Especially delicious are the Sylter Royal oysters, another local delicacy, prepared in all variations or just straight from the shell. Lobster is also available, as well as just about anything else that swims or crawls in the sea, all prepared to the same high standards that established Rüdiger's reputation as a cook in his previous restaurant, Austernmeyer, in List.

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