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On the southern edge of the Mendip Hills near Wells in Somerset

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Wookey Hole is a village located in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, England. It is best known for its extensive cave system, which has a rich history dating back thousands of years. Here's an overview of the history of Wookey Hole:

Prehistoric Times: The caves of Wookey Hole have evidence of human habitation dating back to the Stone Age. Archaeological findings suggest that people used the caves for shelter, leaving behind tools and artifacts. The caves also served as a burial site during this period.

Roman Era: During the Roman occupation of Britain, Wookey Hole caves were a significant source of lead, a valuable mineral used for various purposes. Miners extracted lead from the Mendip Hills, and the caves provided access to the mineral veins. The Romans also utilized the caves for religious rituals, leaving behind coins and other artifacts.

Medieval Period: Wookey Hole gained prominence during the medieval era when a Christian community was established in the area. A monastery, known as the Old Church, was built near the caves, and the monks used the caves for retreat and meditation. The Old Church stands to this day, making it one of the oldest ecclesiastical sites in England.

Legend of the Witch: One of the most famous legends associated with Wookey Hole is that of the Wookey Witch. According to the legend, a witch known as the Witch of Wookey lived in the caves and terrorized the villagers. The witch was eventually defeated by a local monk, who exorcised her from the caves. This legend has been a popular part of the area's folklore and has contributed to the caves' mystique.

Industrial Use: In the 19th century, Wookey Hole caves were adapted for industrial purposes. The caves were used for papermaking, with the constant supply of water from the River Axe aiding the process. The paper mill operated for several decades before closing down.

Tourism and Exploration: In the early 20th century, Wookey Hole caves began attracting visitors for their natural beauty and historical significance. In 1927, the first cave tours were organized, and in 1935, the caves were officially opened to the public. Since then, Wookey Hole has become a popular tourist destination, offering guided tours and various attractions such as the Wookey Hole Cave Museum, a Victorian arcade, and an underground riverboat ride.

Today, Wookey Hole continues to be an important site for both geological and historical exploration. The caves provide a unique glimpse into the past and offer visitors a chance to experience the natural wonders of Somerset's subterranean world.

Top Tourist Attractions

Wookey Hole in Somerset offers a range of exciting tourist attractions that cater to visitors of all ages. Here are some of the top attractions you can explore:

  • Wookey Hole Caves: The caves themselves are the main attraction at Wookey Hole. Guided tours take you through the spectacular underground chambers, showcasing awe-inspiring stalactites, stalagmites, and other geological formations. The highlight of the cave tour is the Witch's Kitchen, where the legendary Witch of Wookey was said to have lived.
  • Wookey Hole Cave Museum: Located within the caves, the Cave Museum offers a fascinating insight into the history and geology of the area. Exhibits display archaeological artifacts, geological specimens, and information about the cave's formation and usage throughout the centuries.
  • Valley of the Dinosaurs: This outdoor attraction features life-sized dinosaur models set within a lush landscape. Visitors can wander along the trail, encountering various species of dinosaurs and learning about their characteristics and habitats.
  • Pirate Island Adventure Golf: Enjoy a round of adventure golf on the Pirate Island course, complete with pirate-themed obstacles and challenges. It's a fun activity for families and groups.
  • Wookey Hole Circus Shows: The attraction also offers regular circus performances featuring skilled performers, including acrobats, clowns, and jugglers. The shows provide entertainment and excitement for visitors of all ages.
  • Paper Mill: Learn about the industrial history of Wookey Hole at the restored Victorian paper mill. Discover the process of papermaking and see the original machinery in action.
  • Victorian Penny Arcade: Step back in time at the Victorian Penny Arcade, where you can try your luck at vintage coin-operated games and machines. It's a nostalgic experience reminiscent of old-fashioned amusement arcades.
  • Play Areas and Adventure Park: Wookey Hole has several play areas and an adventure park where children can burn off some energy. There are slides, climbing frames, and even a mirror maze to explore.
  • Wookey Hole Circus School: For those interested in circus skills, the circus school offers workshops and lessons on various disciplines like juggling, trapeze, and tightrope walking.
  • Wookey Hole Hotel and Restaurant: Extend your visit by staying at the Wookey Hole Hotel, which offers comfortable accommodation. The on-site restaurant serves delicious meals, and there's also a gift shop where you can purchase souvenirs.

These attractions make Wookey Hole a fantastic destination for a day trip or a longer stay, providing a blend of natural wonders, historical intrigue, and family-friendly entertainment.


Wookey Hole, being located in Somerset, England, experiences a temperate maritime climate. Here are some details about the climate in Wookey Hole:

  • Mild Summers: Summers in Wookey Hole are generally mild, with average high temperatures ranging from 18°C (64°F) to 22°C (72°F). However, temperatures can occasionally reach higher values, especially during heatwaves. July and August are the warmest months of the year.
  • Cool Winters: Winters in Wookey Hole are cool, but not extremely cold. Average high temperatures during winter range from 7°C (45°F) to 9°C (48°F), while average lows can drop to around 2°C (36°F). January and February are the coldest months.
  • Rainfall: Wookey Hole experiences rainfall throughout the year, with no distinct dry season. The annual average precipitation is around 900-1,000 millimeters (35-40 inches). Rainfall is fairly evenly distributed across the months, with slightly higher amounts in autumn and winter.
  • Fog: Due to its location in a valley and close proximity to the River Axe, Wookey Hole can occasionally experience foggy conditions, particularly in the colder months.
  • Changeable Weather: Like much of the United Kingdom, the weather in Wookey Hole can be changeable and unpredictable. It is not uncommon to experience a mix of sun, clouds, and rain within the span of a single day.

It's worth noting that these are general characteristics of the climate in Wookey Hole, but weather patterns can vary from year to year. It is always a good idea to check the local weather forecast when planning a visit to ensure you are prepared for the conditions.


Wookey Hole is a village located in the Mendip Hills of Somerset, England. Let's explore the geography:

  • Location: Wookey Hole is situated approximately 3 kilometers (2 miles) west of the city of Wells, and about 35 kilometers (22 miles) south of Bristol. It is nestled within the Mendip Hills, a range of limestone hills known for their unique geological features.
  • Caves: The village is renowned for its extensive cave system, known as the Wookey Hole Caves. These caves are formed within the limestone rock and are one of the main attractions in the area. The caves extend for several kilometers underground and feature stunning stalactites, stalagmites, underground rivers, and chambers.
  • River Axe: The River Axe flows through Wookey Hole, adding to the scenic beauty of the area. The river emerges from the caves and meanders through the village and surrounding countryside before eventually reaching the Bristol Channel.
  • Mendip Hills: Wookey Hole is located within the Mendip Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. This region is characterized by rolling hills, limestone cliffs, and valleys. The hills provide a picturesque backdrop to the village and offer opportunities for outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling, and wildlife spotting.
  • Farmland and Countryside: Surrounding Wookey Hole, you'll find fertile farmland and picturesque countryside. The area is known for its agriculture, with fields of crops, grazing pastures, and farmsteads dotting the landscape.
  • Elevation: Wookey Hole sits at an elevation of around 50 meters (164 feet) above sea level, although the surrounding Mendip Hills rise to higher elevations. The hilly terrain contributes to the unique landscape and provides vantage points to enjoy panoramic views of the countryside.

The geography of Wookey Hole combines natural features such as caves, rivers, hills, and farmland, making it an appealing destination for both nature lovers and those interested in exploring the region's geological wonders.