A Steel City Chick in...'The Big Easy'

NOLA, is such a sexy city, as soon as I stepped out the car, I felt it

A Steel City Chick in...'The Big Easy'

New Orleans, I've had the opportunity to visit this city quite often and in late January I will have the pleasure of chilling in this beautiful city for a couple of months.

My first visit there I literally fell in love with this City. I didn't want to leave but my club sister (yes I was in a bike a club, during my mid-life crisis) and I were on a along ass road trip Pittsburgh-Houston- New Orleans-Pittsburgh. Yea a very long road trip. One thing i'll say road trips can be fun if you're with the right people. And we had a ball!

NOLA, is such a sexy city, as soon as I stepped out the car, I felt it. The city transformed me. Yes, the party scene is insane but this City has so much more to offer. From the history, culture, music and of course the food, to the steamboats, the architecture NOLA has it all... for me this City is my second mecca. The Jack Daniels distillery being the first.

The music, everywhere sends chills through me. I love the smooth sounds of the 'bone and the tantalizing sounds of the trumpet. The old streets, the history of the plantations and of course the street cars. The love I have for this City is unconditional. I feel like i'm cheating on New York City and Pittsburgh with NOLA. I'm actually writing my thoughts regarding my two true loves and the old reliable sidekick!

Different parts of the season down there...Sort of when to go. But honestly go when you feel it in your soul! However maybe during hurricane season you might want to curb that itch. I'm just saying.

Peak season February-May: Within these months you have Mardi Gras and the New Orleans Jazz festival. Both events, wow, that's all I can say. But of course you have to book some say 6 months in advance, me personally a year in advance especially for the jazz festival.

Off season June-September, really there's no off season for New Orleans however, however during these months New Orleans summer can be brutally hot along with threat of hurricanes. During this time you can get really good hotel rates especially during the week. July and August are good months for swamp tours because the alligators are more active. Nothing like being around active alligators. This really doesn't tickle my fancy. Alligators are in the swamps for a reason and I'm on land for a reason. On behalf of my point of view I could care less when or when they're not active. But for you adventurous types there you go.

What's going on during these months; July, The Essence Music festival, Satchmo Summer Festival, White Linen Night, New Orleans Oyster Festival, Southern Decadence, and the Creole Tomato Festival.

Shoulder Season, runs from October to January. My first visit was a week before Thanksgiving. I had a ball. Bourbon street wasn't crowded. We were able to walk in and out of all the bars. It was a great first visit that lead to many more. During these months I would recommend celebrating Halloween or New Year's Eve in New Orleans. Great times. Besides these 2 fantastic holiday celebration, there are Voodoo Music experience, Gretna Festival, New Orleans Film Festival, and the Oak Alley Plantation Arts and Crafts Festival.

Writing all this I'm ready to head to the airport right now! If you've never been, I do insist you go!


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