Barcelona on a Budget

The cosmopolitan capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, a major economic, cultural, and financial centre in southwestern Europe

Barcelona on a Budget

Although Barcelona is known as one of Europe’s most expensive cities, one needn’t go broke visiting this fabulous coastal city. First off, instead of staying at a large hotel or a chain, look into booking a room at a smaller hotel, sometimes called a pension, or hostal (not to be confused with a “youth hostel” which can really be bare bones). Oftentimes smaller hotels will include breakfast in the total cost. This is a surefire way to save some euros.

Plus it’s a nice convenience walking down to the breakfast room in the morning, as opposed to having to bundle up and trudge out looking for a decent restaurant. This saves time, too, as you’ll no doubt have many museums (a must-see is the Picasso Museum! And admission is free on Sundays) and other sights on your agenda to visit. Another bonus to a bed-and-breakfast is that they often have a fruit basket on the buffet table. Be sure to pick up a piece and toss it in your bag for later. It will come in mighty handy, say, at 11:30 a.m., when the hunger pangs kick in and you’re starving and ready to stop at the nearest restaurant, no matter how dive-y, or expensive it looks just because your hunger is doing you in.

No, better, to stave off the hunger with a freebie from your B&B so you can spend an extra minute or two to find the restaurant you really wanted which was recommended in a travel article as having great food.

And imagine how even happier you’ll be when you discover that said cute small restaurant with an artsy vibe (Anima, located on Carrer dels Angels in the re-gentrified Raval district) is having a special lunch-time menu of an entrée, dessert, beverage and coffee or tea, all for only 10 euros! And by the way, tipping is not usually done in Barcelona, but it is common courtesy to round up your bill to the nearest euro. Bon appetite, or as they say in Spain ¡Buen apetito!


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