Berlin’s Nhow Hotel: Painting the Town Pink

Ultra modern building projects glisten beside historically grand structures and the occasional art-covered chunk of the Berlin Wall

Berlin’s Nhow Hotel: Painting the Town Pink

Berlin is a city that is constantly changing. Ultra modern building projects glisten beside historically grand structures and the occasional art-covered chunk of the Berlin Wall. In this constantly evolving landscape, there is never a shortage of sleek and stylish hotels either, many which have become some of the city’s most daring expressions of new design. Among these trendsetters Nhow Hotel has to be one of the most beautifully designed of them all.

A Music Lover’s Paradise

This hip music-themed hotel is located right smack next door to Berlin’s branch of Universal Music. Guests can request Gibson and Epiphone electric guitars that come with their own amps, delivered straight to the room for impromptu jam sessions. The hotel has its own recording studio too, as well as an art gallery, and a lobby filled with drums interspersed among glowing seats that look like clouds.

Pretty in Pink

The minute you step inside Nhow Berlin you’ll encounter lots of pink. The lobby desk is nested in a huge pink egg-like counter. Pink candy beckons from glass beakers. Pink mood lighting abounds. Pink glowing hallways and pink elevators. Pink bathrooms with pink tile floors, hot pink bath products, and pink and white sandals. Pink bedding, pink pillows, pink towels, pink graphic design—pink, pink, pink!

Curvy, Modern Bedrooms

The bedrooms at Nhow are just as high impact as the lobby with edgy, music-inspired geometric patterns covering the floors, curtains, and walls. Contemporary furniture, glass, and plenty of pink define the rooms, along with a bold curve motif. Curved glass coffee tables sit beside curved teardrop mirrors, and the bathroom and bedroom are divided by curved glass walls.

Spa Design

The spa has one of the most striking design elements in the entire hotel: a hot pink glass shower cube lined with rainbow-colored mood lighting. Adjoining saunas and a 24-hour gym sweeten the deal.

Food and Drink

For breakfast, Nhow Hotel rolls out a huge spread of hot and cold treats inside a pink bulbous plastic counter. In the evenings the bar serves up cocktails from faux record menus and the adjoining restaurant, Fabrics, has a definite focus on fresh sourced ingredients as well as great views of Berlin’s Spree river. Here they serve up creative takes on elegant classics, like “Rosti Pralinees Start Up,” which features salmon and lobster topped with two types of caviar, accompanied by drops of jelly melons and leeks with wasabi yogurt.

Best of all, the desserts push the limits of creativity. I was blown away by the floral candy creations that come standard at the end of all meals. There were pink and white cloud-like puffs of cotton candy strung on copper wire curlicues, set in a cocktail vase. Contrast that with swirled meringues dusted in gold beside chocolate balls—both planted on stems like flowers, and placed in a glass bowl of sugar rocks. My favorite dessert, which also wins bonus points for most creative title, were the “Pimped Lemon Crackling Balls.” These balls of creme were lined with chocolate and encrusted with pop rocks. These came paired with cooked, spiced apples, and a glass test tube filled with gold Pop-Rocks to sprinkle on top for that extra sizzle.

For design lovers, creatives, foodies, and those seeking a youthful, hip vibe, Nhow hotel is the place to be. Your entire experience here has been thoughtfully designed down to the last detail, and it’s truly hard not to be tickled pink.


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