Ghostly night at the Gaslight Inn

The Gaslight Inn occupies a two-story building that once was the home of the busy ‘Glendale Furniture Company’

Ghostly night at the Gaslight Inn

The Gaslight Inn, located along the busy Glendale Avenue of Glendale, Arizona, was the scene of the “GasLight Inn-Ghost Night” hosted by Jay and Marie Yates and their paranormal team ‘The COPS Crew/. It was a wet and stormy evening but that didn't stop twenty-five paranormal enthusiasts from participating in this rare opportunity to investigate the Gaslight Inn.

The Gaslight Inn occupies a two-story building that once was the home of the busy ‘Glendale Furniture Company’. It was built in 1926 by the Sine Brothers who also ran a prosperous hardware store nearby. Floyd Homes Sine designed the building to hold the business on the ground floor and utilize meeting spaces upstairs.

The building housed an insurance company and a florist shop in later years. It became a ten room hotel/bed and breakfast in 1989. The tin ceiling and sconces are said to have come from the now demolished Sand’s Hotel from Las Vegas, Nevada. The current owners have owned the hotel since 2011 and continue to make upgrades and enhance its beauty.

Guests arrived at the Gaslight Inn about 5:00 PM. Some ordered a light dinner and mingled during an informal meet and greet. About 7:00 PM Jay and Marie and the COPS Crew led the group up the staircase and visited many of the haunted rooms on the second floor. They informed the investigators of some of the paranormal activity, personal experiences, and evidence compiled on previous investigations at the hotel. The ghost hunters began to break up into smaller groups to explore some of their ‘favorite rooms’. Soon, they began to gather their own EVP’s, photos and contacts with the spirits left behind in the historic building.

Greg Pawalk, one of the seasoned guest investigators stated,” Gaslight Inn was fun. A couple of rooms held my interest, especially Room 109. There is a large electromagnetic field around the center of the room, and near a chest at the foot of the bed. I took three pics and the second pic shows an orb in the center of the bed and some kind of white thing above it by the headboard. It didn't appear in any of the other shots. I had fresh batteries in my digital recorder and under normal situations the recorder will record for ten hours. I was doing fine until I set my recorder on an ouija board in the honeymoon suite (Room 106) and the batteries drained quickly and died”.

The full-scale ghost investigation covered all of the Gaslight Inn rooms and hallways. Serious ghost hunters stayed on an additional time slot from 11:00 PM until 1:00 AM in search of the spirits after the Glendale traffic died down and the storm decided to pass over the city. Some of the guests opted to reserve a room for an extended evening of exploring the unknown.

The owners of the hotel graciously let the paranormal investigators have a chance to discover the spirits of the previous owners, boarders, and assure future guests that their stay at the Gaslight Inn will be peaceful and trouble free.


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