The City of Rome

Rome is perhaps the most artistic and culturally significant city in the entire world

The City of Rome

Once the capital of the world, its magnificence stretches beyond the sheer limits of the city itself. Its epic architecture and opulence stand as testimony to the once great empire that called this city home. For anyone who has visited Rome, they are fully aware of the power and impact this city can have on a person; for those who have yet to take in this city’s majesty, it offers a wealth of opportunity, history, art, and culture.

Rome is a city that wears its monumentality without reverence and perhaps one of the most fascinating aspects is that many of its architectural gems are passed around by cars and small scooters as though they were nothing more than mere traffic islands to endure.

The moment that one steps into the city limits, it bombards you with images that tease the senses as well as harkens back to an age long lost in the past of this historic location.

The citizens of Rome encapsulate the spirit of this great and ancient city. In a city that fuels itself on aesthetics, combined with the urban legendary scenery, helps one to feel important just strolling down the street or catching the rising sunlight on their face in the morning, or even basking in the glow of the afternoon while taking in lunch.

While museums and galleries are in full abundance in Rome, if one wishes to avoid the indoor atmosphere, history simply surrounds you at all times. A casual stroll down the streets will lead from one historic site and architectural phenomenon to another, from one artistic masterpiece to the next. There is an old adage that states, ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’. This advice couldn’t be more accurate.

Rome is perhaps the most artistic and culturally significant city in the entire world. While many people don’t consider architecture to be an inherent art form, merely strolling through the streets of this city will bear witness to how inaccurate that sentiment it.

The facades of some of Rome’s most famous structures speak to the importance it placed on artistry and construction, how the blending of two design forms and functions could be blended to create timely and lasting displays of genius.

The art that was created in Rome throughout its history is second to none and the numerous galleries and museums are testament to the greatness, wonder, and awe that these works inspired in centuries past as well as today.

When planning a trip to Rome, it’s best to secure several days to at least take in something more than a small portion of this incredible destination.