Valuable Tips for Budget Conscious Tourists to El Salvador

Found in Central America, this country has been called the Tom Thumb of the Americas. Explore the country's natural scenery of mountains, volcanoes and beautiful beaches

Valuable Tips for Budget Conscious Tourists to El Salvador

Planning to visit El Salvador, the smallest country in Central America? It is the perfect destination in Central America to spend your vacations. Before booking your flights to San Salvador, the capital city and gateway to El Salvador, it is important to know all that this most densely populated nation in this region has to offer. The country is ready to attract you with its gorgeous beaches, lush forests, immense natural beauty and famous archeological sites.

For those who want to spend their holidays in El Salvador on a budget, this piece of information will prove fruitful for you. Here are some of the valuable tips that you need to know as a budget conscious tourist to El Salvador.

El Salvador is a paradise for budget travelers with its cheap accommodations, food, transportation and other activities. For solo travelers or backpackers, San Salvador offers many accommodations options at affordable prices. If you want to stay in a shared hostel dorm, you can get a room starting at $7. Those who want a comfortable and luxurious stay, rooms are available starting at $20 to $30, depending on your hotel of stay. You can look forward to amenities like breakfast, comfortable bed and air conditioning.

Many restaurants in San Salvador and other cities in the country offer food at quite cheap prices. Simple meals will cost you about $2 to $3. These are mostly available at street stalls. If you want to eat at some decent restaurants and looking for fast food or European food, you will be required to spend nearly $5. So, you can see that food in El Salvador is quite moderately priced.

Transportation in San Salvador and other cities is quite cost effective as well. For a taxi ride you will have to spend about $5. City buses and taxis are main mode of transportation. However, the country doesn't have a train service.

If you choose to indulge in activities like diving, this will be expensive for you and costs about $75.

You can consider some more money saving tips as well. Fruits will be your best snack. In most Central American countries including El Salvador fruits are quite cheap and costs just pennies. So, why not save some money by eating fruits and being healthy.

Another great way to save money is to go camping. Hostels in San Salvador and other cities are cheap, but you can even save more by choosing to stay in a camp and spend half the cost that you would normally spend at a hostel accommodation. It is important that you bring your own gear for camping.

Want to save more on your transportation costs? Then consider hitchhiking. This is a popular mode to get around San Salvador and other cities in the country. Buses, a popular and common mode of transportation, usually run completely packed with people of can be sporadic or late. Hitchhiking is quite widespread in El Salvador and believed to be relatively safe. However, before going for hitchhiking you must be on your guard and don’t forget to use your common sense.


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