Why your next vacation should be a cruise

When you're on board, you can escape to an endless variety of activities, cuisines and nightlife

Why your next vacation should be a cruise

There is a common misconception that cruise vacations are costly and full of hassle. In fact, a cruise vacation can often be a much better value than a traditional "hotel stay" vacation, and the cruise line takes care of all the details!

#1 - Cost

When you book passage on a cruise ship and pay your fare, you are receiving a stateroom in which to sleep for the duration of your cruise, all meals (most cruise lines even have free room service), transportation to the ports of call, and most onboard activities (things like bingo and spa use is usually extra). In addition, cruise fares are lower than ever today-a four night Carnival cruise to the Western Caribbean in an inside stateroom is currently going for $269/person. When you book a hotel room, you're usually just getting a place to sleep for the night. Add in your food budget, and you've probably reached the same price of a cruise.

#2 - Convenience

As stated before, the cruise lines take the hassle out of your vacation, from your meals, to your entertainment, and even sometimes getting you from the airport to the cruise terminal. Plus, on a cruise, you are transported to several ports of call, many of which you couldn't possibly drive to. In a traditional hotel stay, you're restricted to the area around your hotel, unless you've brought a car or rented one.

#3 - Fun and Relaxation Factor

A cruise can be whatever you make it-a big party, or a giant relaxation fest. There aren't many places you can relax by the pool, attend a wine tasting, go to the casino, and hit up the club-all in the same two hours. Relax and order some of that free room service, you're on a cruise!


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