Every 10 seconds EarthTV switches live to a new location on our planet. You can now be there in an instant


Be there - Live!

Earth television network`s new TV camera and transmission technology makes it possible: highest quality TV program - LIVE - from around the world.

Now, our earth comes aLIVE on television...

Travelling "Around the World in 80 Days” was once a dream of mankind. Now television viewers can travel to 80 different destinations around the world in only one hour - and be there LIVE!

  • Visit famous destinations;
  • See the most beautiful scenery;
  • Go on a tour through far away countries;
  • Watch the people of our planet;
  • Observe amazing animals;
  • Explore our earth.

Viewers can experience the world LIVE every day: Gather information and impressions from the most beautiful locations. Check what the weather is like at places they want to travel to or dream of. Watch different people in their surroundings, see how nature changes, how animals act and behave.

LIVEonEarth is full of surprises, emotion and variety: it shows famous and soon to be famous places and destinations, cities and towns, nature and landscapes, unique attractions and venues, but it also features the people and animals that share our planet earth.

LIVEonEarth is a breath-taking tour of the most beautiful and attractive locations around the world, a LIVE trip through countries and regions.

- It is a daily LIVE virtual voyage for viewers of all ages.

With LIVEonEarth television viewers will not only be entertained in an exciting way, but get a better understanding of our planet and the people living on it:

  • Viewers will become modern day explorers ;
  • They will discover places they never knew existed;
  • They will develop emotional ties with foreign countries and destinations and be intrigued to visit them;
  • They will have an open mind and realize every day – that we are all living together on one earth;
  • And they will be excited to be able to watch and be there LIVE!

AnimalLIVE is an animal and wildlife program unlike anything that has ever been produced before. For the first time animals around the world will be observed and filmed by television cameras 24 hours a day.

Television viewers will be able to follow the LIVEs and developments of our animal stars and have a close-up and intimate look without ever disturbing them.

One of the many fascinations of this program is that it all happens exactly at the same time as we are growing and getting older ourselves with every week. The program will be able to create substantial awareness of animals that may be on the verge of extinction by forming strong emotional ties between them and the viewers at home.

The new and exciting way of TV shopping – select and book your holiday while touring the world – LIVE.

While the average home shopping format is recorded or takes place in a simple studio TravelLIVE offers much more:

A LIVE look at dream destinations, combined with great and affordable offers.

Viewers can get an immediate impression, check the weather and make their choice instantly.

TravelLIVE will be an ideal sales platform for airlines, tour operators and incoming agencies:

What could more exciting for travellers than watching the real LIVE program of their desired holiday destination – and being able to book their trip at the same time. Last minute travel opportunities to selected countries and destinations will be offered. Nothing is more convincing than getting the proof that the weather at your favorite destination is suberb and seeing that the beach offers a great scenery.

Viewers will have a stunning, broadcast quality, 360 degree look around the hotel with our camera and be able to make their choice.