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A barrier island on Florida’s Gulf Coast

Visit the Anna Maria Island Historical Society’s offices in Anna Maria City and you will learn that the area was first inhabited by the Timucan and Caloosan American Indian tribes. The recorded history of the Island is said to have begun in 1530 when Spanish explorers (including Hernando DeSoto) claimed the area for the Spanish Crown. Throughout the developmental period of the Island, local city governments have worked diligently to preserve it’s “Old Florida” heritage of the Island. Their work remains a cornerstone of the philosophy of each city’s current government. Today, Anna Maria Island has just two structures which are higher than three stories. The Island remains a homogenous mixture of residential single-family homes, multi-family condominium developments and businesses existing in harmony with the landscape as well as the Island’s small-town heritage. Today, year-round and seasonal residents come from throughout the Americas as well as Europe and the Far East. Welcome.