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❍ Honolulu

Some Interesting Facts about Hawaii

Prepare to lose your heart to the 50th state, where volcanoes, mist-shrouded uplands, and crystalline waters form the backdrop for a spirited blending of Polynesia and the West.

Honolulu: is a city, a county, a capital, and a most underrated attraction n Hawaii. The County of Honolulu is the entire island of Oahu, an angular mass of mountain, valley and shoreline graced with two incomparably beautiful mountain range, Koolau and Waianae.

The Bernice Pauahi Bishop Museum in Kalihi, the world 's most respected repository of Hawaiian and Pacific artifacts, sets the tone for the Hawaii experience. Feather cloaks, prehistoric tools, crafts, and implements bringto life Hawaii's Polynesian past and people. While in Honolulu visit Chinatown, a walk among the noodle shops, herb shops, lei stands and fish markets and Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese eateries yields distinctively local sights and smells.

Area: 10932 sq.mi, 43rd Land 6423 sq. mi., 47th - Water 4508 sq.mi., 13th Coastline 750 mi., 4th - Shoreline 1,052 mi

Agriculture: Macadamia nuts, Sugarcane, pineapples, livestock, nursery stock..

Industry: Tourism, stone, apparel, food processing, fabricated metal products, clay, and glass products.