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Some Interesting Facts About New Jersey

The Garden State is full of surprises-from the wild Pine Barrens to the appealing Delaware River towns, from windswept ocean parks to the remains of a rich Colonial past.

Jackson, NJ is were you'll find the scream machine of Great Adventure. Hurtling steel tracks is enough to make your heart pound at Six Flags Great Adventure, a mammoth theme park with 100 thrill rides on land and water, nightly fireworks shows, and live entertainment. There are classic amusements to enjoy as well, straight from a country carnival, such as the old-fashioned 19th-century carousel. You may find all the adventure you need at the adjoining drive-through safari (allow 45 to 90 minutes, depending on your speed), where 1,500 wild animals from all the continents roam freely over 350 acres of natural habitats.

If you like being near the sea, Island Beach State Park is in a state distinguished by a 127-mile long seacoast strewn with inviting beaches, Island Beach State Park stands out for its superlative natural beauty. Ten miles of fine white sand stretch along the Atlantic side of the barrier peninsula, littered only with gnarled knots of driftwood, encrusted seashells, and the occasional starfish of seahorse washed up by the waves. As a backdrop to the beach, there is a chain of grass-dotted dunes, which give way to expanses of scrubby beach plum, heather, and bayberry bushes. The southern bay side of the park has been designated as a wildlife refuge, where more than 200 species of birds have been spotted. Their are many sites to see in NJ many places to visit and to stay.

In December 1787, it became the 3rd colony to ratify the Constitution of the United States of America. This action made New Jersey the 3rd state accepted into the Union and helped to create a veritable treasure chest of historic sites and information.

Native American people who lived in the New Jersey area kept their heritage and culture alive. Several museums, villages and reservations offer a peek into the lives and culture of the native people before the arrival of the Europeans. Native American festivals and cultural events are held in several regions of New Jersey throughout the year.

Many of the first European settlers to the New Jersey area were Quakers. Some of the towns and buildings built and used by these settlers have been preserved or reconstructed. Several have been converted into museums while others have been made into shops, boutiques and restaurants.

Several battlefields are preserved from the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, as well as many other historic sites from these turbulent times in our nation's history.

Vacationers visiting the Jersey shore will have no shortage of activities; sun bathing, swimming, exploring lighthouses and shopping just to name a few. Be sure to include a visit to the Battle Ship New Jersey, Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty while in New Jersey.