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Expanding Your Horizons at the NASA Glenn Visitor Center

Since 1971, NASA Visitor Centers have provided information to the public on NASA aerospace programs and their benefits to humanity. The NASA Glenn Visitor Center opened its doors to the public in 1976 and has an estimated annual attendance of 150,000. It is located on site, inside the main gate, easily accessible from Cleveland's major highways.

The Apollo Command Module used on Skylab 3 is our most popular exhibit. It's a tribute to Glenn's many contributions Apollo program. Our Apollo exhibits also feature the space suit worn by Jim Lovell on Apollo 8 and a real Moon rock. Our Microgravity Laboratory mockup features flight hardware from our Microgravity Science Division and a drop tower where you can conduct your own experiment! Our Launch Control Center allows you to conduct a countdown sequence towards a simulated launch of a rocket. Other galleries explore the solar system and our aeronautics research. The NASA Glenn Amateur Radio Club operates a satellite station at the Visitors Center that is in daily operation by Visitor's Center club members as N8VC (formerly AK8Y). Several prominent awards received by NASA Glenn are showcased including an Emmy and a Collier Trophy. Outside, visitors can see a full-scale replica of the Centaur rocket.

The Visitor Center also features a large video screen used for regularly scheduled videos about NASA programs and live broadcasts of space shuttle launches, in-flight activities and landings. Special weekend programming is provided with themes focusing on various aspects of NASA's missions. Other special events are scheduled to provide our visitors access to interesting lectures and unique programs.

John Glenn with STS suit replica Join the NASA Glenn Visitor Center as we celebrate our new name and the career of space pioneer John Glenn. Look back on John Glenn's historic Mercury flight and his role in the recent STS-95 mission in our new John Glenn Gallery. Pictorial exhibits and spacecraft models have been enhanced by two new spacesuit replicas. Compare John Glenn's silver Mercury space suit to his orange Shuttle launch and entry suit. Come and see our tribute to an American hero.

The interactive gallery opened in April 1999. The exhibits provide an overview of NASA's Commercial Space Communications Program and features exhibits and technologies developed by the Advanced Communication Technology Satellite (ACTS). The featured exhibit compares conventional communications satellites with one, wide-area beam to ACTS' multiple hopping spot beams. Interactive video bays simulate a video conference using satellite technology. Other exhibits present some of the communications history and technology applications pioneered by NASA Glenn.

The Star Station One program is designed to connect the International Space Station and all its exciting activities and results with the public who, ultimately, it is intended to serve. With program success, the International Space Station, its plans, status, benefits and exciting results will become common knowledge among this nation's population. Their resulting understanding and support will then align with and help shape America's goals for future space exploration. The NASA Glenn Visitor Center is proud to be Northeast Ohio's home of Star Station One.

If you can't come to us, we can come to you! The NASA Glenn Visitor Center also manages programs designed to bring the excitement of our air and space programs to your location. NASA Glenn is responsible for outreach programs in the six-state, Great Lakes region of the United States - Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin. All NASA Glenn speakers and exhibits are provided without charge. However, outside of a 50-mile radius of Cleveland, reimbursement of travel and transportation expenses is required.

Speakers Bureau

Over 130 culturally-diverse federal employees, contractors and retirees are members of the Speakers Bureau at the NASA Glenn Research Center. The bureau provides educational and informational programs to the educational community, professional, technical, civic and social organizations, libraries, and museums. Members also participate in conferences, workshops, lectures and staff NASA exhibits at local community events.

During 1998, we provided over 835 presentations to an audience of over 45,000 in the six-state area [image] that the Glenn Research Center serves. (Travel beyond a 50-mile radius from NASA Glenn will require reimbursement of travel expenses by the requestor.) If you live outside of this six-state area, you may save travel expenses by working with one of the other centers listed at our Agency site.

Although the Speakers Bureau has a variety of interesting topics to choose from, we will also locate a speaker to fit your specific program needs.

Arrangements for a speaker must be made in writing 8 to 10 weeks in advance. This time consideration is necessary to provide our speakers adequate notice and ensure a minimum of disruption to their work and home schedules. This lead time also provides the requestor notice that a NASA speaker will or will not be available for their program or event.