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At SKY Computers, There is Just No Limit

No limit to the imagination of our people, no limit to the impact we make everyday in the market, and no limit to the technical challenges we solve for our customers. As an industry leader in image and signal processing, serving some of the world's largest companies, SKY sets the technology direction for everyone else to follow. We are poised to bring the fastest, most advanced technology, to your technical challenges.

SKY Computers Inc., founded in 1980 and headquartered in Chelmsford, Massachusetts is the leading supplier of time-to-solution software and hardware that optimizes application performance for computationally challenging applications. Exclusive SKYvec software and SKYbolt hardware deliver the industry's highest performance.

A wholly-owned subsidiary of Analogic Corporation, SKY provides scalable multiprocessing solutions for real-time applications. Modular families of motherboards and daughtercards for VME, desktop, and embedded systems provide performance approaching the teraflop mark.

Full performance is achieved using intelligent software tools such as automatic vectorizing compilers and scalable communications libraries. SKY integrates these components with system controllers and data conversion boards to provide complete embedded high-performance computer solutions for leading edge applications such as medical imaging, signal intelligence, industrial inspection, and radar and sonar signal processing.

The demands for increased speed have moved real-time embedded applications to multiprocessor compute platforms that provide multiple GFLOPS of performance. These performance gains create a new set of challenges for developers. The first challenge is how to keep the processors productive, i.e., what synergistic technologies are required to provide the data transfer capabilities necessary to balance I/O performance with available compute performance. The second challenge is how to streamline and simplify the multiprocessor software development process in order to meet accelerating deadlines.

SKY Computers has aggressively addressed these challenges. SKY's industry-leading SKYchannel packet-bus architecture delivers the industry's fastest P2 speed (2x faster than other alternatives) and is the only architecture that matches data transfer performance with compute performance. In addition to delivering the industry's fastest throughput, SKY provides a complete set of multiprocessor development tools to accelerate and simplify programming. This macro view of building embedded systems coupled with our scalable family of high performance VME and SCSI-2 products, allows SKY to dramatically accelerate the development of successful multiprocessing solutions.

SKY primarily serves two kinds of users:

1. OEMs and VARs using array processors/digital signal processors and application accelerators embedded in their products;

2. End users accelerating an application through the use of either SKY's box or board-level products.

SKY products address applications in the medical and industrial imaging, signal processing, geophysics and engineering design markets. typical applications include radar and sonar, simulation, seismic data processing, CAT, MRI, PET, fluid dynamics and finite element analysis.

SKY products are designed to deliver the highest performance and throughput as well as being easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy. A sampling of SKY's achievements include:

  • 1987 First automatic vectorizing compiler for a board-level product.
  • 1990 First heterogenous multiprocessor design for the embedded market.
  • 1991 First easy-to-use software development environment - SKYvec - Only ANSI/DoD validated vectorizing/optimizing compilers.
  • 1992 First four processor daughtercard - Shamrock 1.28 GFLOPS.
  • 1993 First automatic parallelizing compilers - SKYvec 3.5.
  • 1994 First to provide terabyte addressing, GFLOP processing and Gbyte/sec data paths.
  • 1994 First VME multi-processor vendor to be ISO9001 certified.
  • 1994 Shipped first SKYchannel-based product with 320 MB/sec interprocessor communications.
  • 1995 First dynamic debugging capability for embedded multi-processors: TimeScan.
  • 1995 First embedded multi-processor to be self-booting and self-hosting: SKYpack.
  • 1996 First processor card with 160 MB/sec parallel I/O: SKYburst 160 on the SKYchannel-based SKYbolt II board.
  • 1996 First three-year hardware warranty for embedded multi-processor products.

SKY Computers is committed to its customer's success. Standards-based products ensure long-term investment protection. ISO9001 certification and Total Quality Management systems ensure our products are the finest in the industry. A worldwide technical support team provides experts committed to maximizing the performance of your system. Dedicated account representatives actively consult with customers to ensure the maximal system design.

Analogic Corporate Background

Analogic Corporation is engaged in the design, manufacture and marketing of advanced precision data conversion and computer-based signal processing instruments and equipment. Analogic's products are used to acquire, condition, translate, compute, interpret, store, transmit or display critical data in industrial, scientific, medical, communications and other system applications.

Over its 27-year history the Company's core strength has been its ability to consistently invent, innovate and develop technologically advanced competitive products and to manufacture products of the highest quality. In 1997, Analogic reported record revenues of $256.7 million. Research Magazine has done a corporate review of Analogic that describes the Company's investment potential and reviews performance for the past five years.

The worldwide headquarters located in Peabody, Massachusetts employs approximately 1,000 people. The Company also has design and manufacturing facilities and joint venture affiliates located in Wakefield and Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Hartland, Wisconsin; and the People's Republic of China. Analogic serves multi-national medical and industrial companies in more than 40 countries.

For customers of SKY Computers, Analogic provides not only the financial strength of a successful publicly held corporation, but the resources to gear up engineering and production to meet the needs of the most demanding programs.