Virginia Weather Forecast

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❍ Richmond

Some Interesting Facts about Virginia

In the eastern portion of the Biking at Virginia Beachstate, where the ocean tends to keep the climate relatively mild, the weather is warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, with very little snow. The northern and western portions of the state tend to have winters that are colder with significant snowfalls, while the central and southern areas stay relatively mild.

Average annual rainfall is 42" (106cm); average snowfall is 20" (50cm); temperature average is 57 degrees F (18 degrees C) with temperatures reaching the 80s (34 degrees C) during the summer and dropping to the 40s (10 degrees C) during the winter.

This temperate climate affords a full range of recreational activities year-round including camping and bicycling as well as golfing at top-ranked courses. Yet, Virginia also offers some of the nation's best Southern skiing.