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World Class Fishing Opportunities

For over a hundred years, people from the world over have been coming to the clear, bountiful lakes of Cass County for the fishing experience of their lives. Year after year, our lakes have shared their treasures, often of record class. Northerns, muskie, bass, panfish and the most prized, that Minnesota classic, the walleye, have provided the serious sportsman, sportswoman, or just the everyday kid in all of us, the opportunity to carry the trophy of our dreams and the "bragging rights" that comes with it back to family and friends.

Exactly how good is fishing in Cass County? Famed world-class fisherman and TV personality, Al Lindner of In-Fisherman, recently said about northcentral Minnesota, "This area boasts better quality in [multi-species] numbers than places all over the states.....This area is that good, and it's getting better."

Where to go? Well that answer is almost unlimited, as Cass County offers over 500 named lakes, so many in fact that water covers about a third of our total geographic area (which incidentally is roughly comparable to the State of Delaware). And public water access is available for nearly every one, each providing generous parking and boat launching facilities. Whether it is one of our large, legendary fishing lakes such as Leech, Winnibigoshish, Cass, Woman, Ten Mile or Gull, or one of our lesser ones, known mostly to locals and frequent returnees, secreted far back in the deep woods, our range of lakes can deliver every conceivable fishing experience.

Looking for a lake or river, easily accessible from paved highway and with ample, comfortable lodging options, providing a full range of fishing services? Well, Cass County has one of the finest, most extensive, paved road systems in all of northern Minnesota. It also offers the widest array of resorts, camping, hotels - motels, and other lodging facilities of any county in Minnesota, altogether over 270 and more than enough to meet any budget range and mode of comfort. You can even rent houseboats if staying on Leech Lake.

Looking instead for a primitive deep forest clearing beside a totally unspoiled lake, where you can set up camp without disturbing or being disturbed by anyone for miles around? Cass County has hundreds of miles of forest roads and limited maintenance backroads, deep within our federal, state and county public lands. They ensure solitude and isolation while providing access to fishing waters, hardly changed since the area was first settled.

How about going out with one of our professional guide services in search of that lunker to challenge a local or state record? Don't laugh! Over the last few years, record or near record fish of many different species have been hooked in our waters, and careful state and federal management of our natural resources ensures that we can continue to offer that possibility for years to come.

Of course, if you are just looking for a few relaxing days drifting about on one of our scenic lakes or rivers, maybe catching a few "keepers" - or maybe not - with rented tackle, boat or canoe - or maybe not - we can take care you in any possible situation or combination. Most of our resorts rent boats and tackle, some even throw it in for no extra cost along with the price of lodging. Nearly all sell an array of bait and tackle, and offer the best, latest advice about "what's hitting", the best fishin' rigs to use, and the best "hot spots" to cast your line. Don't be surprised if they send you over to another lake or even a neighboring resort, if that's what it takes to improve your odds. That's the type of neighborly cooperation our resorts show to ensure you the best possible fishing experience.

Whatever your objective, Cass County provides more quality fishing options than you can possibly exhaust in a lifetime.

South County - Gull Lake Area Choices

Gull Lake; one of Minnesota's premier recreation lakes of 9,413 acres with water links to 9 other quality, surrounding lakes. Home to some of northcentral Minnesota's premier, full service resorts, a number of superb restaurants, a full array of recreational services along with one major public recreation area. Located 15 miles west of the full service community of Brained-Baxter and adjacent to the Ski Gull downhill ski recreation area, the historic cottage community of Lake Shore, and the very beautiful Pillsbury State Forest, Minnesota's oldest state forest.

Mid County - Longville, Backus, Hackensack Area Choices

Baby Lake; an excellent recreational and fishing lake of 704 acres and part of the very scenic Boy River chain of lakes just west of Woman Lake. Offers a number of very charming, rustic, family resorts along many miles of beautiful undulating shoreline. Accessible via paved county roads.

Blackwater Lake; a small, pretty, and very good fishing lake of 722 acres, adjacent to Mule Lake and located 6 miles south of Longville along Hwy 84. Classic, northwoods lodging facilities available.

Child Lake; the last in the series of Boy River chain of lakes before entering the large Woman Lake west of Longville. It is a small lake of approximately 500 acress easily connecting Woman Lake via boatable channel, and offering great fishing.

Girl Lake; The last of the Boy River Chain of Lakes west of Longville and providing direct water access to Longville and its excellent array of shops, eating establishments and community services. This small, very pretty lake (of approximately 700 acres) consistently provides trophy fishing with access to a number of quality, family style resorts.

Lake Inguadona; an excellent recreational and fishing lake of 1,272 acres, accessible via paved Co.Rd.5 4 miles east of Longville. A flowage on the Boy River and part of the Boy River chain of lakes, it is the beginning of the federally designated Boy River River Canoe Route which flows unbroken through unspoiled wildness another 30 miles north and east to Leech Lake.

Kid Lake; a small but very good recreational and fishing lake of 200 acres and part of the very scenic Boy River chain of lakes just west of Woman Lake. Accessible via paved and gravel county roads.

Little Boy/Cooper Lake; an excellent recreational and fishing lake complex of 1,396 acres characterized clear water and beautiful, steeply forested shorelines. Located 3 miles south of Longville and accessible via paved Co.Rd.54, it connects via boatable channel to Lake Wabedo and is part of the Boy River chain of lakes south of Longville.

Long Lake; a long narrow lake of 1,271 acres, characterized by small lake cottages and excellent fishing. Located 2 miles north of Longville.

Mann Lake; an excellent recreational and fishing lake of 704 acres and part of the very scenic Boy River chain of lakes just west of Woman Lake. Offers a number of very charming, rustic, family resorts along many miles of beautiful undulating shoreline.

Mule Lake; a very pretty, unspoiled lake of 639 acres with excellent fishing of all types. Located 6 miles south of Longville on Hwy 84.

Ten Mile Lake; another of Minnesota's premier mid-size lakes in Cass County, with excellent fishing, along with equally superb lodging and eating establishments. This lake of 4,669 acres provides excellent water clarity and frequent stretches of sand beaches for great swimming and water recreation, although most shoreline is privately held.

Lake Wabedo; the southernmost lake (of 1,186 acres) in the Boy River chain of lakes, it is characterized by very good fishing, clear, cool waters, and very scenic, irregular lakeshore. Limited resort facilities and an excellent local restaurant are available. It is accessible by paved and gravel county roads 5 miles south of Longville.

Woman Lake; at 4,782 acres is generally considered to be one of Minnesota's ten most beautiful lakes. Excellent fishing of all types and offering a terrific array of modest and high quality resort facilities. Connected to over 30 miles of adjacent waterways including most of the "family-named" lakes of the famous Boy River Chain of Lakes and accessible to the City of Longville through Child Lake.

East Central County - Remer Area Choices

Big Boy Lake; an excellent, unspoiled and very pretty fishing lake of 3,145 acres, with a number of small family resorts. Located entirely within the Chippewa National Forest about 8 miles northwest of Remer and accessible via graveled, county roads. Last large lake in the Boy River chain of lakes before the river reaches the eastern shore of Leech Lake (accessible by small motor craft from Leech Lake).

Swift Lake; small undeveloped fishing lake of 295 acres. Connected to and easily accessible via small motor craft from the east side of Big Boy Lake.

Thunder Lake; one of Minnesota's prettiest and cleanest lakes (clarity levels to over 30') with terrific, traditional-style, family resorts, restaurants, great swimming and great fishing. Located 8 miles south of Remer on Hwy 6.

Leech Lake - Walker Area Choices

Leech Lake; Minnesota's 3rd largest lake at 126,000 acres amd famous for trophy walleye, northern, muskie, bass, perch and panfish fishing. Entirely located within the Chippewa National and home to over 50 resorts along its over 400 miles of public and private shoreline with major public recreation areas at Federal Dam and Stony Point. Also home to Walker, Cass County's seat, with its extensive array of services and recreational amenities.

Northwest County - Cass Lake Area Choices

Andrusia Lake; excellent fishing lakes for all types of fish, located entirely within the Chippewa National Forest. Connected to the Cass Lake-Mississippi River chain of lakes, and offering a number of classic family style resorts.

Big Wolf Lake; first lake in the Mississippi River's chain of lakes in the greater Cass Lake area. Excellent fishing lake offering a number of traditional family style resorts.

Cass Lake-Pike Bay; Minnesota's 6th largest lake (Cass Lake at 15,576 acres, Pike Bay at 4,760 acres), located entirely within the Chippewa National Forest and connected to many many adjacent waterways via the mighty Mississippi river and its unspoiled, local tributaries. Excellent walleye, northern, muskie, bass, perch and panfish fishing with a number of excellent primitive and developed public recreation areas/campgrounds. Also home to Cass County's second largest city, Cass Lake, with its excellent array of services and recreational amenities.

Little Wolf Lake; excellent small fishing lake located entirely within the Chippewa National Forest and close to the recreational and service amenities of the nearby cities of Cass Lake and Bemidji.

Northeast County - Lake Winnibigoshish Area Choices

Cut Foot Sioux Lake; one of the Chippewa National Forest's most beautiful and extensively developed (for both primitive and modern camping) public recreation areas in the national forest. Excellent walleye, northern, muskie, bass, perch and panfish fishing. Offers a number of quality, family-style resorts and public campgrounds.

Lake ("Winnie") Winnibigoshish; Minnesota's 5th largest lake at 69,821 acres and one of the state's finest walleye, northern and muskie lakes. Connected to many adjacent waterways via the mighty Mississippi River including the adjacent Cut Foot Sioux Recreation Area. Located entirely within the Chippewa National Forest with mostly public shorelineand numerous public recreation areas along its shoeline and the adjacent gorgeous shorelines of Cut Foot Sioux Lake. Offers some of the most rustic, classic, northwood-style resorts still existing in northcentral Minnesota.