Gillies Lake Live Cam

Mattagami Region Conservation (MRCA) Building at Gillies Lake


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Journey into the depths of the earth on a mine tour, explore our forests, relax on scenic tours of our many waterways and find out about home town celebrities who are proud to call the region home. Challenge our landscapes at a game of golf, where you will find many historic courses around the region. Explore the finest Ontario museums and attractions, take a tour, or take part in our annual events throughout the year.

With plenty happening around the region every year, you are sure to find some exciting events you may want to squeeze into your vacation plans. Celebrate Canada Day with us on a wonderful summer day in July, or visit Kapuskasing and take part in the annual Kapuskasing Lumberjack Festival. There’s More To Do in Ontario’s Wilderness Region. We invite you to come and celebrate some of Ontario’s heritage today.

Walleye, great northern pike, trout and small mouth bass among others can be found in over 500 lakes in the City of Timmins (equaling 450 square km of water). You can utilize the service of local outfitters or venture out on your own. Many hunters, hailing from as far as the United States and Europe, enjoy hunting moose, water fowl and small game in season.

Walking is considered by medical experts to be one of the best forms of exercise and citizens of Timmins take full advantage of the city's several walking, hiking and cycling trails. Motorized vehicles are banned from the 57-km trail system, but cyclists are welcome. Six official trails exist: Waterfront (2.5 km), Scout Rock (4 km), Gillies Lake (about 2.5 km), Rotary (8.5 km), Golden Springs (11.5 km round trip) and Bart Thomson (10 km north loop and 8 km south loop). Waterfront runs along an abandoned railway trackbed from the Mattagami River through residential areas to the Downtown Business Core. Scout, Rock, the first trail to be fully integrated into a residential area, joins the Golden Springs and Gillies Lake Promenade at the corner of Highway 655 and Ross Avenue.

Waterfront, Rotary and Bart Thomson are not linked. Rotary links Schumacher and South Porcupine and Bart Thomson goes around Porcupine Lake from South Porcupine to Porcupine. These trails offer a great view of the forest that surrounds the various communities within the city, as well as a chance to inspect the varied plant life. Canoe enthusiasts will appreciate experiencing at first hand the spectacular northern scenery along the six local canoe routes, the Mattagami, Red Stone, Kamiskotia, Grassy, Mountjoy and Tatachikapika. All these canoe routes are highway accessible. Maps and information, in separate brochures for each route, are available from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Through the decades since the first discovery of gold in the area, mining and forestry companies have created hundreds of miles of bush roads and trails, augmented by hydro electric transmission lines and township boundary lines hacked clear by government surveyors. The hardy or adventurous hiker may walk these routes to his/her heart's content. Those who prefer to use an ATV (all-terrain vehicle) will find these trails and abandoned roads perfect for an hour-long or a full-day bush excursion. Naturally, in the interest of safety and peace of mind, anyone intending to spend time in the bush should always inform someone the route to be taken, the projected duration and expected time of return.

The Timmins Cycling Club uses parks and greenbelt areas under the control of the Mattagami Region Conservation Authority for its activities. The conservation authority supervises five parks, the Mountjoy Historical Conservation Area on the bank of the Mattagami River, the Gillies Lake Conservation Area, the White Waterfront Conservation Area on the shore of Porcupine Lake and the Flintstone Park for children. Canadian residents may camp anywhere on Crown land for up to 21 days, as long as the site is not posted to forbid overnight camping. Non-residents (non-Canadians) must obtain a permit to camp on Crown land. Permits may be obtained from Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources offices or licensed tourist operators.

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