Middelkerke Live Cam

Beach showers are available in 13 zones to rinse off the salty water and refresh yourself


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The best Belgian destination for a beach holiday

There is a lot to do in each of the coastal towns; from shopping and dining to festivals and exhibitions. But, there are also a lot of opportunities to get away from the crowds. You can go for a walk through the dunes, lose yourself in one of cool nature reserves or go cycling.

Visit the visitor centre to find out more about the Flemish fisheries sector at the beginning of the 21st century, tips for tourists, and a heritage shop. The ship’s boy workshop teaches fisheries techniques and traditions and is a perfect activity for those on school camp at the seaside.

Be guided by the fishermen, take part in the numerous interactive and audiovisual displays and walk through the history of the Flemish fisheries. Get to know the living and working conditions of Flemish fishermen along the west coast, including beach fishing and beachcombing, superstition and popular beliefs held by fishermen, the life of a fisherman’s family, and a historical shipyard. The local courtyard inn, called ‘Estaminet De Peerdevisscher’, is an authentic tavern. Throughout the summer season, folklore nights including folk dances are held in and around the inn every Friday night. Visit the stalls exhibiting specialities from the fishery trade and local seafood delicacies at the historic market.

At the colourful fisherman’s quay, not much is left from the original fishermen’s steps (‘Vistrap’). A covered fish market that sells live, fresh fish every day is now located where the steps once were. The steps are no longer there, but the name and reputation remained.

The Dairy museum displays a history of more than 350 years of butter and cheese manufacturing. Tools and historic machinery, photographs and unique documents show visitors how milk and cheese were prepared in the old days.

Come and smell the atmosphere, literally! The fish auction is a spectacle that appeals to all the senses. Each week from 15 June until 15 September, visitors are invited to take a guided tour in and around the fish market and to experience the fish auction first-hand. Guided tours start at 9.30 a.m. at the Tourist Office in the town hall, where a local guide will be waiting for you.

When crossing the border in De Panne you immediately arrive on the French Opal Coast, 120 kilometre long with breathtaking beach areas and magnificent cliffs. Cap Blanc Nez and Griz Nez are really literally and figuratively speaking summits. Charming fishing villages and Anglo-Norman style villas make this welcoming region between Calais and Berck-sur-Mer a nearby pearl to discover.

Kent in Southern England is just a boat ride away from the Flemish coast. You’ll find ancient castles, cathedrals and beautiful mystic English gardens. Feast on tea and scones, visit Canterbury, walk along the white cliffs and enjoy the surf in sensational bays. What an amazing trip!

Even turning your back to the Coast will open up a wonderful hinterland. The green ‘Westhoek’ region offers historic villages and cities, forested hills and enchanting villages. Brugge, world heritage city, is only a bicycle tour away, taking you through the cinematic decor of the ‘Brugse Ommeland’ (surroundings of Bruges) and the polders.