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Mercer is a small town located in Iron County, Wisconsin, in the northwestern part of the state. The town was named after Dr. William Mercer, a prominent physician and businessman who helped to establish the community in the late 19th century.

The first European settlers in the area arrived in the mid-19th century, attracted by the rich deposits of iron ore and the abundant forests that surrounded the town. The area quickly became a hub of mining and logging activity, and by the late 1800s, several small communities had sprung up in the area that would eventually become Mercer.

In 1888, Dr. William Mercer purchased a large tract of land in the area and began to develop it into a town. He built a sawmill, a general store, a hotel, and a school, and encouraged other businesses to open in the area. He also helped to establish the first post office in the town, which was named after him in recognition of his contributions.

Over the years, Mercer continued to grow and prosper, thanks in large part to the booming mining and logging industries in the area. However, as these industries began to decline in the early 20th century, the town's economy began to suffer. In response, local leaders began to focus on tourism as a way to revitalize the town, promoting its scenic beauty, outdoor recreation opportunities, and small-town charm.

Today, Mercer is a popular destination for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts, known for its excellent fishing and hunting, hiking and biking trails, and scenic beauty. The town also hosts several annual events and festivals, including the Loon Day Festival and the Musky Festival, which draw visitors from all over the region.

Top Tourist Attractions

Mercer is known for its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities, making it a popular destination for tourists who enjoy fishing, hunting, hiking, and exploring the great outdoors. Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Mercer:

  • Turtle-Flambeau Flowage - This 14,300-acre reservoir is a prime location for fishing, boating, and kayaking, and is known for its abundance of musky, walleye, and panfish.
  • Mercer Railroad Museum - Located in the heart of downtown Mercer, this museum features exhibits and artifacts that tell the story of the town's rich railroad history.
  • Mercer Area Historical Society - This museum houses a collection of artifacts and exhibits that showcase the history of Mercer and the surrounding area, including displays on the area's mining and logging industries.
  • Snowmobile Trails - Mercer has a network of more than 200 miles of snowmobile trails that wind through the surrounding forests and offer riders stunning views of the area's winter landscape.
  • Hiking Trails - Mercer is home to several hiking trails, including the 17-mile Mercer-Hurley trail, which takes hikers through a variety of terrain and offers spectacular views of the surrounding forests and lakes.
  • Cranberry Marsh - Mercer is home to several cranberry marshes, which are open to the public and offer tours, tastings, and the opportunity to pick your own berries.
  • Mercer Depot Days - This annual festival celebrates Mercer's railroad heritage with train rides, live music, food, and family-friendly activities.
  • Loon Day Festival - Held in August, this festival celebrates the area's wildlife with loon-calling contests, live music, food, and crafts.

Mercer has a humid continental climate, characterized by cold winters and warm summers. The town is located in the northwestern part of Wisconsin, which is known for its cold, snowy winters.

In the winter months (December-February), temperatures in Mercer typically range from the low single digits to the mid-20s (°F), with occasional dips below zero. Snowfall is common during these months, with an average of around 60 inches of snowfall per year.

In the summer months (June-August), temperatures in Mercer typically range from the mid-60s to the low 80s (°F), with occasional heat waves pushing temperatures into the high 80s or low 90s. Humidity levels can be high during the summer months, but the area's many lakes and forests provide relief from the heat.

Spring and fall in Mercer are generally mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from the mid-30s to the mid-60s (°F). The area's forests are known for their stunning fall colors, which draw visitors from all over the region.


Mercer is a town located in Iron County, Wisconsin, in the northwestern part of the state. The town covers an area of 148.7 square miles (385.1 square kilometers), of which 132.7 square miles (344.0 square kilometers) is land and 16.0 square miles (41.4 square kilometers) is water.

The town is situated in a region of rugged, forested terrain that is characterized by rolling hills, rocky outcroppings, and numerous lakes and streams. The area is part of the Northern Highland-American Legion State Forest, which encompasses more than 232,000 acres of forest land and includes several designated wilderness areas.

Some of the larger lakes in the area include the Turtle-Flambeau Flowage, which covers more than 14,000 acres and is a popular destination for fishing and boating, as well as Spider Lake, Little Spider Lake, and the Manitowish River.

Mercer is located approximately 25 miles (40 kilometers) north of the city of Park Falls, and about 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of the city of Ashland. The nearest major airport is Duluth International Airport, which is approximately 90 miles (145 kilometers) to the northwest.