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Resort wins environmental excellence in area design category

Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort is one of five ski areas recognized in the "Golden Eagle Awards" for environmental excellence in ski area management, presented each year by The Skiing Company (publishers of Ski and Skiing Magazines) These prestigious awards, established in 1993, are presented in recognition of the environmental achievements of ski areas in six different categories.

Meadows received a "Silver Eagle" for environmental excellence in area design in restoring the bio-diversity and health of wildlife, native plants and water quality while constructing three new lifts and a three-acre parking lot. Meadows' revegetation program - which includes transplantation, constructing temporary nurseries during construction, and collecting native plant seeds for cultivation in greenhouses for replanting - was praised for enhancing the area's native plant population. Judges called the resort's program "an excellent example of how to revegetate an area through the use of natural, native plants. Its effort to create a high-alpine nursery to grow these native plants for revegetation should serve as a model for other ski areas."

Other initiatives which impressed fee judges were the creation of "habitat trees" and the placement of woody debris and snags for wildlife nesting sites; and erosion control through the construction of culvert plunge ponds, water bars, distillation ponds, check dams, filter fences and retaining walls.

Resort Vice President and General Manager Dave Riley says Mt. Hood Meadows is honored to receive such a distinguished award. "The Skiing Company has maintained a high standard in its Golden Eagle competition. It is an award with integrity and great meaning. We are very concerned about the environment in which we operate, and we consider ourselves to be the caretakers of this precious resource. We are also proud to be associated with the other award winners Keystone (CO)r, Stratton (VT), Sierra-at-Tahoe (CA) and Snowbird (UT). This is an award I will share with everyone associated with Mt. Hood Meadows - ownership, management, staff and guests."