Skibowl Upper Bowl Live Cam

Census-designated place situated in Clackamas County


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  • Mt Hood Skibowl
  • 87000 E. Hwy 26 - Government Camp
  • Oregon 97028‎ - United States
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A picturesque alpine village

Start your day with the ultimate natural high as our Scenic Sky Chair transports you to the top of Skibowl Peak. When you are done gazing at the spectacular vistas that reach from Mt. Ranier to the Three Sisters, you may choose the decent that suits your mood. A leisurely walk down one of our pristine mountain trails, the Scenic Sky Chair's return trip (it really does look different going down), or ride a mountain bike. Once down, picnic or choose from a smorgasborg of dining options, then Horse and Pony Trail Expeditions, Indy Kart Racing, Miniature Golf, Body Nerfing (gotta see it), and Bungee Jumping, and well the list goes on and on (over 25 attractions!).

Fun is just part of our nature. At Mt.Hood Skibowl excitement is never out of season. Our unique Action Park combines the breathtaking beauty of Oregon's Cascade range with over a thousand acres of rip-roaring rides, family attractions, interpretive nature hiking trails, a mt. bike park with miles and miles of trails and horseback rides.

Experience High Altitude Fun! Mt. Hood Skibowl Winter Resort and Summer Action Park is THE destination for family fun and lasting memories. You are just a short distance away from a unique mountain experience. Less than an hour scenic drive from Portland, we have over 20 attractions from bungee jumping, indy kart racing, mountain biking, alpine sliding, or playing in our two story Super Play Zone, you wil experience the outdoors to the fullest Skibowl style.

1/2 Mile Dual Alpine Slide - Cruise at the speed of delight! You control the brakes, you contol the speed - but you'll never control the full-tilt rush of excitement as you whoosh through a half mile of mountain meadows on the Northwest's only Alpine Slide.

Scenic Sky Chair - All aboard for high Adventure. Experience the ultimate natural high as our Scenic Mt. Bike Sky Chair transports you to the top of Skibowl Peak. Enjoy a panoramic vista that includes Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, the Three Sisters, Mt. St. Helens even Mt. Ranier. You can return to the base area by Sky Chair, mountain bike or hike along one of the many pristine walking trails marked with interpretive signs designating historical and geographical points of interest.

Indy Karts - The fast track to high octane fun. Racers, start your engines! Skibowl's raceway is the ultimate driving experience for kids and adults of all ages. Steer your way through every twisting curve and hairpin turn, from the first green light to the final checkered flag.

Freefall 100 ft. Bungee Tower - Survive the dive! It's a plane, it's a bird, no it's, a thrill seeker strapped to a big rubber band. Here's your chance to take a swan drive from a hundred foot tower straight at the ground and miss. All the fun and excitement of falling out a seventh story window, with none of the mess to clean up afterward.

Rapid Riser Reverse Bungee- Get ready to go ballistic. Accelerate up to 80 feet in the air pulling 2.5 G's. Of course, what goes up, must come down, so get ready to rebound, and rebound, and rebound, and rebound get the picture?

Kid's Super Play Zone - A special place just for kids! The youngest members of your family will delight in this "kids only" corner of the park. Designed to encourage social interaction and imaginative play, this supervised fun zone features a roller, tube, and standard slide, bumper room, 2 ball pits, large padded area, bungee room, 100 feet of tubing to run and crawl in, and 3 net walks.

You'll be spinning and grinning as you hammer down 40 miles of well-marked trails designed to accommodate all levels of bikers - from gonzo to granny. There's even a wide-track Scenic Fun Loop specifically for rookie riders.

Our unique Mountain Bike Park offers plenty of freewheeling fun as well as biking lessons, and special guided tours. Bring your own trusty rig or rent one of our mountain bikes to explore Mt. Hood's many off-road wonders.

4 mile Beginner Ride, 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Take the Sky Chair to the historic Warming Hut, and enjoy views of Mt. Hood as you cruise down Skibowl’s wide trails. Finish with a relaxing roll through the woods back to the lodge.

Varied length for ALL abilities. 2-3 hours. Learn about all of our best and most satisfying rides from our local professionals. Tour the NORBA race courses or follow us through the loops we choose so when the urge to ride arrives you’ll know the best places to go!

Volleyball/Badminton - Bring your family or your group up and have a great time on our volleyball and badminton courts!

Horseshoes - Enjoy tossing the shoes on one of our numerous pits. Fun for all ages.

Kiddy Canoe Ride - Fun for the little ones. Take a boat around our special water course in a beautiful wooded area right through a teepee.

Batting Cages - Slow, fast, softball, baseball, come try it all here in Skibowl's very own batting cages. Practice your swing all day long. Great for teams or individuals.

Come up to Mt. Hood Skibowl and see for yourself. We have many more activities than we have listed here. In fact, we have more than 20 and are adding more each summer. We look forward to showing all of our activities off to you soon!