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Beautiful Niagara Falls from the Hilton Fallsview Hotel

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The Wisconsin glaciation about 10,000 years ago

Niagara accommodations in every price range, first class hotels, family and suites, camping areas, hostels and cozy Bed and Breakfasts. They will suit your taste and your pocketbook. Niagara has a number of excellent hotel properties from which to choose. Many are within 1 to 2 blocks walking distance of each other and convenient to all of the attractions. All of Niagara's larger hotel properties can provide suites or meeting rooms for meetings or conventions. At the present time, there are more than 3,700 rooms located within the city limits. 1,800 of these are located in the downtown area. A wide selection of economy motels are located on Niagara Falls Boulevard (Route 62). Campgrounds and bed and breakfast accommodations are also available in the city and surrounding areas.

Niagara a unique destination anytime of year. Niagara offers visitors a clean, safe environment, plus affordability in everything. Niagara's restaurants are special too...ethnic or down home, we have a great selection. Visitors may wish to dine at the Falls or sip a glass of wine by the Niagara River. Dining opportunities are as varied as the many tourists who visit Niagara Falls - from fast food restaurants to buffets. The Niagara area is a treasure chest to explore - Mexican, Italian, German, Chinese, Continental, Indian, Polish and American; enjoy a dinner cruise or picnic lunches at the Park.

When the lights go down, view the fabulous illuminations of the American and Bridal Veil Falls. When the moon is full and high in the Southern sky it is possible to experience the incredible phenomena of a "Lunar Bow", rainbows made by moonlight passing through the mist rising from the American Falls. This erie yet romatic sight is often completely circular. Celebrate the conclusion of a very special evening with a quiet nightcap, or toast the beginning of a late night of excitement and entertainment at one of Niagara Falls, New York's varied night spots. Choose your pleasure... from line dancing to a two step beat or throbbing sounds of top rated nightclubs. Niagara Falls, New York is playing your song.

Along with its own natural beauty, Niagara Falls offers visitors a safe, clean environment with the small town appeal of warm hospitality and all the amenities of a big city including accessible transportation. Niagara is serviced by the Buffalo/Niagara Falls International Airport located 25 minutes from downtown Niagara Falls. All major airlines fly into this airport and offer frequent and convenient air service between Buffalo and most major American cities. In many cases, direct service is available. The ITA Airport Shuttle provides daily scheduled service to and from Niagara Falls hotels to Buffalo/Niagara Falls International Airport. Special arrangements are available for groups requiring transportation to or from the airport. Charter flights and private aircraft may land at the Niagara Falls International Airport located ten minutes from the Convention and Civic Center and the downtown area.

The Niagara Falls International Transportation Center is conveniently located next to the Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Center. Inter-city routes provide easy access to downtown Niagara Falls and the surrounding areas with full bus service facilities also available. Niagara Falls Amtrak Train service offers a continuing transportation link to and from Eastern New York State. This direct link includes stops in the cities of Albany, Syracuse and Rochester.

Niagara Falls is at the confluence of two major super highways, the New York State Thruway system (Interstate 90) and Canada's Queen Elizabeth Way. Niagara's international location offers many side trips to the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Toronto and Niagara Falls Ontario or to the New York regions of the Finger Lakes and Chautauqua. All are within a short and reasonable distance. Niagara Falls serves as a hub from which conference participants are provided with quick and easy travel.

Located just 1,800 feet from the power of the American Falls and its tranquil surroundings is the Niagara Falls Convention and Civic Center. Its central location puts you within walking distance of all the excitement and wonder Niagara has to offer while placing individuals in the striking, rainbow- arched structure that offers a novel and practical environment for trade shows, conventions and sporting events with flexibility and convenience of space and purpose. Addtional features include a two-tiered Balcony, the Main Arena, the Sky Lounge, the Greek Theatre, the Pub Restaurant and 10 meeting rooms.

The Center offers a number of support services, including in-house professional caterer. Directly in front of the Convention Center is E. Dent Lackey Plaza, a public area featuring a 1,500 seat open-air amphitheater. Special programming is provided at the plaza including weekend ethnic festivals, live outdoor entertainment and an exhilarating outdoor skating rink perfect for winter recreation. The NFCVB's office is conveniently located on E. Dent Lackey Plaza's lower level.

If you were "born to shop", Niagara USA is the place to be! It is the home to specialty shopping, malls, boutiques and quaint villages. Niagara... shop for the most wanted names in leather goods, toys, sportswear, china and crystal, jewelry, and brand names, with designer labels at 50 to 70% off retail at our factory outlets. From antiques to collectibles, from flea markets to charming country shops, you can find a treasure and a memory just around the corner. If you are looking for one of the largest factory outlet malls in the United States, we have it! Niagara USA has some terrific surprises in store for you.

Walk or drive to the Rainbow Centre Outlet Mall; have breakfast in the food court and enjoy the morning shopping. Be sure to include a short on and a half blocks to Artisans Alley for unique arts and crafts. After lunch continue your shopping by driving to Pine Avenue and Niagara's Little Italy family run stores. You might end your first day's shopping spree in Historic Lewiston with its quaint shops and antiques. Day 2: Shop! Shop! Shop! in this shopper's delight - Niagara's Factory Outlet with over 150 factory stores. Lunch in the food court and plan your strategies as you drive to the Summit Park Mall and continue the shopping frenzy. In the spirit that there is a "little bit of child in all of us", take a few minutes and ride the beautiful carrousel located at this Mall. Other shopping options: Historic Lockport, Lockport Farmer's Market; Historic Youngstown and Historic Tonawanda.

Fascinating Facts About Niagara

No one knows exactly who the first European visitors to the Falls were, but the first eyewitness account of spectacular Niagara was recorded in 1678 by Father Louis Hennepin, a priest from the Spanish Netherlands who was traveling with a party for the French explorer La Salle. Niagara has always attracted daredevils. In 1859, a famous French tightrope walker named Blondin walked across the Niagara Gorge and back - an amazing feat he repeated many times - sometimes on stilts or shackeled in chains, and frequently while carrying people and objects. He never fell and performed until he was 68. The first person to go over the Horseshoe Falls in a barrel and live was 43-year old Annie Edson Taylor, who took the plunge on October 24, 1901, in an oak barrel padded with cushions. Hundred of thousands have come to the Falls on their wedding trips. In fact, 50,000 honeymoon couples come to Niagara Falls annually. Among the first farnous honeymooners were Jerome Bonaparte, brother of Napoleon who visited the Falls with his wife in 1803.

The Falls

There are three Falls: American, Bridal Veil Falls (also known as Luna Falls) and Horseshoe Falls. The American Falls at 182 feet, is higher than the Horseshoe Falls at 176 feet. Horseshoe's crest at 2,100 feet, is longer than the American's at 1075 feet. The amount of water flowing over the Falls varies with the season and time of day. On a summer day 750,000 gallons per second go over the Falls, at night in the summer and all winter it is 350,000 gallons a second. The amount of Water flowing in the Niagara River is 1,400,000 gallons per second. Thus, half to three quarters of the water is diverted for power generation.

In 1843 the first Suspension bridge across the Niagara was opened for traffic. Stores, churches, schools and businesses were established and grew. Niagara Falls became an incorporated city in 1892 on March 17 and this commenced another period of growth, the greatest in the 19th century. Trees and foliage thousands of years old remain in their original locations and the wide open green spaces and tree lined paths hold back the intrusion of modern times. The thundering rapids surround the islands which-are connected by little bridges. Rocky paths take you out furthest into the rapids. Goat Island was named for the goats that survived the winter of 1763 and pastured there. All the other farm animals died. Today Goat Island is a favorite spot for runners, walkers and bicyclists with its measured mile paths which take you along the river and the Falls.

Border Crossing

A naturalized citizen should have his or her naturalization certificate. Alien permanent residents of the United States need their alien registration receipt card. Other naturalists need passport and/or visas. If there are any questions, check with authorities first. Dogs must have a valid veterinary's certificate of rabies vaccination. Exceptions: performing and "seeing eye" dogs. Cats must have a valid veterinary's certificate of rabies vaccination. House plants for personal use-no restriction. Other plants- contact Canadian customs.

When you cross the border between Canada and the U.S. you will encounter an officer of either customs or immigration services. Here are some tips to help smooth your passage:

Have all identification documents ready to present to the officer (passports, alien registration cards, etc.) Declare all items you acquired. Answer all of the officer's questions clearly and directly. Try to address specific concerns or questions in advance of your trip.