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Located in the heart of the world famous Seven Mile Beach

Breakfast at Westin Hotel - On a planned trip to 7-Mile beach/Turtle farm; a great way to start the day is with an early breakfast at the Westin. It and the Hyatt are the best on the island, and both are on the beach. When you enter the Westin driveway, take a left into their parking lot…Ferdinand’s (the restaurant) opens at 7:00 AM; and has a wonderful buffet breakfast. breakfast, walk through the hotel, as they have 2-3 very nice gift/dress shops inside.great place to shop on your last day, too! After breakfast, relax on their beach for a while or proceed north to the Turtle Farm. When the beach waiters show up, they may not want you sitting on their lounge chairs, but you will be gone to the Turtle Farm by then.

Turtle Farm - Nice visit for the kids. Great Gift Shop. Turtles raised for release and commerce. Tortuga Rum Cake Factory (they make them here) is right next-door. On the other side is “The Cracked Conch” restaurant (for lunch) AND they have a dive shop right underneath with a great dining patio at night on the water. This is a great place for snorkeling. They have a swimming pool ladder into the water, and lots to see in their cove. If you are certified, and aren’t flying in 24 hours…rent their underwater scooters (Divetech) for CI$25.00 each. It is a great dive, with a 50’ mini-wall. Lots of turtles, eagle rays and tarpon. Before you buy a Cuban cigar from the stand across the street from the turtle farm, know they are 30-40% cheaper at the duty-free shop in the departure lounge at the airport.

Stingray City - Absolutely required while on the island. My favorite operator is Ocean Frontiers for everything, but Red Sail Sports does a great job too. Ocean Frontiers only makes one/two Stingray City trips a week, and picks you up at the Kaibo yacht club. Red Sail Sports has their 65’ catamaran with aluminum stairs that lower into the water (easy for elderly or unsure swimmers). Red Sail leaves from Kaibo as well.

Her Majesty’s Botanical Park - In the middle of the island, this is a wonderful morning or late afternoon stroll. It costs about $8.00/per; and is un-crowded. The park offers a number of areas that are planted with different species of flowering plants, trees, etc…only those indigenous to the Cayman Islands. There are quite a few benches to rest on, and restroom located on the farthest point from the giftshop (300 yds). There is also a great white Gazebo with adirondack chairs you can relax in during the self-guided tour (bring refreshments in a pack, no alcohol, though). They also have a small snack shop/gazebo.

Rum Point Resort - About 7 miles west of Old Man Bay, this property belongs to the Hyatt, and the Hyatt runs a ferry 3 times a day between the Rum Point pier and the Hyatt canal on 7MB. At the Rum Point Resort, there is a good restaurant (make reservations), a great “Wreck Bar”, and table service for the picnic tables.good lunch items. Their Saturday afternoon “Jerk” chicken and pork dishes are tremendous. The Red Sail Sports franchise also rents waverunners, kayaks, etc. There is also a very large public restroom complex with a freshwater shower in front. Also located here is a cute giftshop (The Treasure Chest).

The Driftwood Village - This is a sports bar on the ocean, halfway to Rum Point. They get all the games (2-4 dishes), have a pool table, dart board and sell the cheapest beer on the island (Happy Hour). Great, nearby bar to send the husbands out one evening…no one gets in trouble! Additionally; on Sundays (4-7PM), Driftwood has a great Bar-B-Que dinner, catered by Durty Reid’s restaurant. They offer ribs, chicken and shrimp; with many sides. Pretty reasonable….but you want to make sure there is a breeze when you go. No air conditioning, and people eat outside on the picnic tables. My kids had a great time, finding other kids vacationing there as well (we found a babysitter there one time).

The Kaibo - Down in Cayman Kai (go towards Rum Point, take a left just before you get there). This yacht club is recently built, and has a great bar/restaurant underneath. They have a small gift shop, and rent ocean kayaks. There is a public park on the sea adjacent to it, and they also have a small floating dock just 50 feet from the beach/lounge chairs, so you can watch little ones swim. The water is clear, but have the kids wear pool shoes, and bring goggles/masks (sometimes sea itch though), some fish swim by!

Morritt’s Tortuga - This is a time-share resort is on the northeast corner of the island. The reason I mention it, is that it is a great place for little kids and big kids alike. They have a nice sandy beach, and a bar hut for ordering drinks. They also rent catamarans, windsurfers, paddleboats, kayaks, etc. Very protected reef lagoon. The highlight is when your kids walk into the beautiful water around the pier/dock (with their goggles/masks) they will see thousands of little minnows and some 3-4 foot Tarpon in schools! (they are safe). Very shallow, safe beach, with few waves. The restaurant is spotty, but the swim-up bar at the infinity-pool is marvelous. A great beach, with sand chairs and lounges…and a few shady gazebos.

Vivine’s Backyard - If you are looking for a cheap local place to eat an authentic Caymanian lunch, drive a mile south of Portofinos in the East End. Literally, it is Vivine’s backyard to her house! Cute black/white checkered sign, she cooks out of her kitchen! Great home-cooked meals on picnic tables overlooking the ocean. Very reasonable prices, no beer/wine. The B-B-Q Chicken is great.

Destination Weddings in Grand Cayman can be as simple or as grand as your heart's desire. A bride and groom exchanging vows with their toes in the sand and the waves providing the music is a memory not easily forgotten by guests or participants. From photographers to equipment rental, the wedding services on Grand Cayman are second to none in the Caribbean.

GCV&T will put you in touch with only the most capable people on the island who have proven themselves to be professional and reliable with our guests. We ask each wedding client to critique their experience afterwards down to the florists, music and bakers.

The best light conditions seem to favor late afternoon/evening ceremonies and receptions. Many of our villas are large enough to host both events. GCV&T can also help you find additional (nearby) accommodations for your guests as well; in all price/amenity ranges.

The oceanfront ceremony pictured above illustrates the simplicity of an intimate "Family & Friends" wedding. A dozen slip-covered chairs on a white sand beach, a flowered arbor for the bride & groom and a backdrop of Caribbean blue are all that is necessary. Many of our guests will have their receptions either at the villa itself or at one of the many restaurants dotting this 22 mile long island. The photo to the right was taken at The Grand Old House restaurant in Georgetown for a sunset reception.