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The most important water source on the Czech side is the source of the Morava River


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Czech Travel Information

There are direct flights to Prague from the U.S. as well as good connections, but the discount seats sell out quickly, so you are advised to think well ahead. If you are intending to rent a car and see more than Prague anyway and you can't get a good price to Prague, you might consider flying into Frankfurt and driving. On your way, you might enjoy checking out the famous German "Romantic Road."

It is often less expensive to book your air and land together in a "package." We have a pointer to some current package options below. Also, check out our Hot Deals for packages to Central and Eastern Europe as well as other destinations. Of course, there are lots more options than we describe on our web site, so contact us with your requirements and we'll help you plan a great trip to Europe!

You need to think well ahead for hotels in Prague, since Prague is under-supplied with hotels at this time. We have prepared a summary of a selection of hotels in Prague, including price range, summary information, and a photo when we could get one.

Be sure you specify what countries you will be driving in because the price varies and restrictions vary. Before you go, check if you have insurance coverage or whether you will need to buy it. Many policies that cover rental cars in the U.S. do not cover Europe. Some credit cards do cover in Europe if you charge the rental on that card. The less expensive European rental cars usually have stick shift and no air conditioning. Czech Republic and Slovakia roads are excellent, but mostly two-lane. The Czech Republic has toll roads that have an annual fee - make sure you have the proper permit before using them.

If you're driving, you may enjoy checking out the smaller towns. This neglected churchyard was in a town with many statues of women in the square. Besides the hotels, people are opening up rooms in their homes as "bed and breakfast" or, in German, "zimmer frei." This would be a good way to get to know people and see how they live.

The Czech Republic is very popular now and short on accommodations, so you should consider going in the spring or fall to avoid the biggest crowds. Except for the high hotel prices in Prague, the Czech Republic is much less expensive to travel in than Western Europe. Food is reasonable in quality and low in price. Wine is drinkable and very inexpensive. Beer is excellent and inexpensive. Hotels outside of Prague are reasonably priced (compared to Europe). We believe this is an excellent time to go to the Czech Republic.

Country views: The castle on the hill is one of many ruined castled scattered around the countryside. The flowers are rape (with poppies in the foreground), which is used for oil. This seems to be Eastern European haystack style. The hay is stacked on wooden racks leaving a tunnel at the bottom for air circulation.