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2-and-a-half glorious miles of paradisiac white-sand beaches


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On the coast of the Gulf of Mexico

For a romantic getaway, Sanibel & Captiva Islands is one of the best spots on Florida's southwest coast. Cozy bed-and-breakfast hotels and small shops line the shore, and many visitors are repeat customers who come back to the same spots every year. Sanibel is famous for its seashells, so be sure to take a long walk on the beach. Take Interstate 75 south to Daniels Parkway in Fort Myers. Head west. At McGregor Boulevard, continue southwest onto the island.

Most travelers to South Florida arrive at one of its four airports: Miami, Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood, Palm Beach, Key West. Though they are in different cities, the distances aren't great: the Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood airport, for instance, is just 30 minutes north of Miami; the West Palm Beach airport is about 90 minutes north of Miami. For travelers, this means options - not only in flights, but also in fares. It is not unusual to find flights much cheaper into one airport than another. If cost is an issue, it is worth asking.

If you're looking for the perfect vacation in a tropical island paradise, you've come to the right place. Sanibel and Captiva Islands are everything you've imagined and more. Awaiting you are miles of white sand beaches washed by the gentle surf of the Gulf of Mexico, captivating sunrises and sunsets, heaps of wave-tossed seashells at your feet, vast stretches of seemingly trackless natural areas -- and, of course, the laid back island lifestyle that we're famous for. And, if you're looking for a one-stop connection to Sanibel and Captiva -- a friendly island-based company that will do all the necessary "leg-work" to make your dream vacation stay on the islands a reality -- then you've definitely come to the right place!

Sanibel and Captiva Islands, it's really hard to find the right words to describe this unique slice of paradise. Imagine your first morning here. You wake up to the sweet scent of a refreshing island sea breeze, and then stroll down to the shore. You look out over the blue-green Gulf of Mexico and marvel at the seabirds soaring through the morning sky. You listen to the sound of the gentle waves as they lap at the shore, bringing a fresh load of glistening sea-treasure right to your feet. Oh, the shells! You've heard stories about the seashells of Sanibel Island. But now, you're actually seeing the miracle for yourself. As far as the eye can see, the beach is literally covered with heaps of seashells of every description. You're witnessing the abundance of the sea, and of the natural world, Island style!

For decades now, Sanibel Island has been a world renowned vacation destination. Much of the island has been set aside for perpetuity as a wildlife sanctuary. Thanks to early conservation efforts, these wonderful natural areas were saved from the blades of the developer's bulldozers. And, the populated areas of the island are quite different from what you'll find elsewhere in Florida. There are no traffic lights or neon signs on Sanibel, and you'll sense the laid-back nature of the full-time residents. You'll feel as though you're light years away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world. As soon as you cross the causeway from the mainland, it's time to slow down your pace a little. To fully appreciate our islands, you have to relax, and let your paradise dream vacation unfold, naturally!

If you're flying in, you'll want to arrive at Southwest Florida International Airport in Fort Myers. Once your jet sets down on the runway, you're just a short drive from Sanibel Island. From the airport, head west about four miles down Daniels Parkway (if you're driving from elsewhere in the state, Daniels Parkway is exit 21 on Interstate 75) to Summerlin Road. Then, make a left on Summerlin and continue to the Sanibel Causeway. Once you've paid the three-dollar bridge toll, you're just a couple of minutes from making landfall on our magical island!

The beaches of Captiva Island are similarly generous in their offerings of shells from the Gulf Mexico. They also tend to be groomed more regularly for vacationers. As a result, whether you choose to stay in Sanibel Island vacation condo or a Captiva Island private rental home, you have access to all the beaches on both islands.

Islands are Teaming with WildlifeBesides the beaches, however, both Sanibel Island and Captiva Island have many more way to make your vacation both restful and memorable. Start with J. N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge.

This is part of the pro-environment heritage of the islands where there are no traffic lights, no road wider than two lanes, no fast food formula restaurants and no high-rise buildings.