Tamarindo Beach Live Cam

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Hosted by:
  • Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort
  • Calle Central - Tamarindo
  • Costa Rica
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  • 506-4032-0022
  • https://www.tamarindodiria.com/


Many people consider the quality of life in Costa Rica among the highest in the hemisphere. It is quite possibly one of the easiest places in the world for foreigners to settle. More than 40,000 U.S. citizens have decided to do so taking in the carefree lifestyle.

For years, the Costa Rican government has wooed North American retirees with tax and customs incentives. However in 1992, the Costa Rican legislature eliminated many of the ‘pensionado’ tax breaks as part of a deficit-reduction austerity package, although the first $70,000 USD of your local earnings are exempt from U.S. income tax. The ‘pensionado’ program remains in place, but foreign retirees now have to pay the same duties on imported cars and household goods as Costa Ricans.

It acts as an advocacy forum and provides a panoply of services to members, including AAA-type road service and legal and insurance services, as well as hosting social events and providing publications of interest. ARCR recommends several extended visits as a tourist prior to settling in Costa Rica.

Here we have some valuable resources, whether you are just visiting Costa Rica or you are planning on having an extended stay in this beautiful country.