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Along the beautiful Indian Ocean

Mombasa is home to several spots that excite both residents as well as tourists coming to visit this scenic coastal city. Mombasa is famous for its wide range of Mombasa attractions that are well distributed across the city; you cannot miss somewhere to visit. Another good thing about Mombasa tourist attractions is that they accommodate the needs of every traveler; if you love water, there are plenty of beaches to visit. On the other hand, tourists who love both nature and history are well catered for.

Mombasa tourist attractions are not only limited to the city and its environs; the list includes attractions in the Coast region in areas such as Kilifi, Malindi, Lamu and the South Coast.

Everyone looks forward to coming to Mombasa to enjoy their holiday and take some time off their busy schedules. I assure you; there’s so much to do in Mombasa; you can barely keep track of time because everywhere you go is fun and exciting. However, I have realized that a lot of travelers begin journeys without adequately planning for them.

Wise travelers plan their trips early. Do not wait for the last minute before trying to hurriedly put your plans together. I have come across many people especially during peak holiday times who try to make last minute Mombasa travel arrangements. The risk of doing this is that you are likely to spend more time and money attending to issues that should have been sorted out well in advance.

So, what are some of the factors to keep in mind when planning Mombasa travel?

Unless you’re coming to stay with a family member, relative or a friend, you must begin planning your accommodation well in advance. Peaks times like Christmas, New Year and Easter are the most hectic times to find accommodation for your Mombasa travel.

Know your budget early and begin to research and see which hotels fit within your budget range. Mombasa has accommodation facilities that cut across all budgets; early bookings are ideal because you’re not only assured of space but chances are high you’ll find good discounts.

Mombasa is accessible by air, road and sea. Whichever means you decide to choose, it’s prudent to do your research early and book your tickets. There are several airlines that fly into Mombasa on a daily basis from the capital city Nairobi (Kenya Airways, JamboJet and Fly540) are the most common.

If you’re coming from abroad, depending on your origin, you might be forced to fly through Nairobi and connect to Mombasa. However, there are European charter flights that fly directly to Mombasa.

For road transport, there are several modern and luxurious coaches that ply the Mombasa-Nairobi route (8-hour journey) daily as well as other upcountry Kenyan towns and regional cities. Bottomline is look for options early and pay for your ticket. Don’t forget to reserve return tickets especially if you are travelling during peak season.

Mombasa is hot and humid. Therefore, you need to select your attire wisely. It tends to be chilly in the evenings but the rest of the day is warm; the nights are warm. Most of your clothes should be light; warm clothes cause great discomfort. Temperatures peak between months of November to February.

If you’re planning your Mombasa travel at the end or the beginning of the year, be prepared for high temperatures and humidity. May to July are wet months; even if it rains, it’s always still warm. Because of heat, flat and open shoes are recommended; some people suffer from swollen legs especially when they put on high heels. Sunscreen is important especially if you have sensitive skin.

Mombasa is a generally a safe city to navigate both day and night; thanks to security forces. However, you should exercise caution especially if you’re not familiar with the city; this is a standard rule everywhere. On many occasions, it might be difficult to find security related news on the internet or media unless it’s a major security issue.

Try to get information from the hotel you’re sleeping or a relative you’re staying with in Mombasa regarding places and neighborhoods you shouldn’t venture for security reasons; they are best placed to advise you.

Avoid walking alone on isolated streets and neighborhoods late at night; also don’t remain alone on the beach late into the night if there are no people or elaborate security arrangements. No need to worry; enjoy your holiday because the entire city is well patrolled throughout the day and night.

Unless you’re coming to stay at a hotel or guest house that will help you with information regarding where to visit, come up with your own plan. Depending on the number of days you have set aside for Mombasa travel, research and choose places you’d want to visit especially if you have limited time.

Having these facts is important because it will enable you to save time once you have arrived in Mombasa since you’ll already know where to visit.

Mombasa is a food haven; when you’re planning a Mombasa travel experience; it’s good to have an idea of some of the places you can enjoy your preferred delicacies. For instance, if you’re looking forward to taste Swahili food, you can do a quick internet search and find popular Swahili restaurants in Mombasa.

The same case applies to sea food and other delicacies. If you are staying in a self catering facility ensure all your food is stored in air tight containers to avoid molding because of high humidity. Some of the items you should be careful when storing include salt, sugar and flour. Refrigeration is important for cooked food to ensure it remains fresh until the next meal.

Mombasa city is huge and getting around can be tricky. Before travelling, have an idea and possibly make plans of how you intend to navigate from one part of the city to another. Fortunately, there are plenty of tuktuks and matatus only charging a small fee.

If you prefer car hire, contact car hire companies in good time and reserve a car. If you’re coming for a longer trip; you can also get one cab contact to use while in Mombasa; it will save you the hassle of having to negotiate every time. Most of the hotels have taxi contacts so feel free to inquire. In order to have a unique, enjoyable and memorable Mombasa travel experience, adhering to the above mentioned details will ensure your holiday proceeds smoothly. Have a fun filled Mombasa travel vacation.