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Kansas City, Missouri is a place full of things to do, places to see and food to eat. One other thing though that Kansas is well equipped for, though not really known for, s shopping. Shopping in Kansas is up there with the likes of New York and is also a place where bargains can be found as well as the latest fashions and accessories. Though not really known for shopping, the number of malls and the fare they offer is more than enough for even the most jaded of shoppers.

Shopping for clothing? In Kansas there are a number of clothiers that will suit your needs. One of the more popular clothiers is the Moda Domani Custom Clothier. It is old fashioned clothing with a modern touch. Tailored to fit you perfectly, the owner Anthonio Fakeri does his job well. Many businessmen have their suits done here, and a lot of tourists looking for quality custom made suits are satisfied with Moda Domani’s services.

If it’s fresh produce that you wish to go shopping for, look no further than the Green Acres Market. This market sells everything organic and natural. Be it fresh organic produce or freshly prepared food stuffs, the Green Acres Market is the best in Kansas for shopping for produce.

For shopping at its finest, Kansas City offers its guests the Country Club Plaza; this shopping center has it all. Your shopping needs, dining and entertainment even, all these and more can be found at the Country Club Plaza. The latest fashion from the top designers can be found here. From Tiffany to Armani, the Plaza is home to high end shopping.

For shopping for bargains, Kansas also has the Great Mall of the Great Plains. This mall is legendary in that everyone has heard of it, but not everyone has been there. A little like an outlet mall but better. Nautica, Eddie Bauer, Bath and Body Works and other big shopping names can be found in this mall. A shopper’s paradise if ever there was one. No small wonder why they call it the Great Mall.

If you are looking for a unique shopping experience, Parkville, Missouri is a town with some serious shopping. Stuff you can’t normally find in your run-of-the mill ordinary shopping mall, no matter how fancy, you can find in Parkville. Vintage stuff, antiques or anything special and unique, Parkville has something to satisfy your shopping cravings. Gourmet food can also be found here with Parkville’s selection of specialty restaurants and cafes.

From shopping in Tiffany’s to scrounging for antique treasures, Kansas has it all. Men and women alike looking to quell their hunger pangs for shopping need not look further than Kansas. With a rich history, colorful sights, charming sounds, awe inspiring architecture and overall good vibe, what else is there to top it all off than with a unique shopping scene? Shopping in Kansas may not be the most famous, but it definitely has its own personality and charm to rival that of the best in the world!


Kansas City is home to numerous sports teams. Past and present, Kansas City has been an active participant in league sports. From tennis teams to arena football leagues, Kansas City is a mecca for sports lovers!

Past Kansas City sports teams include the following: in baseball there are the Kansas city Cowboys of the national League and American Association from 1886-1889, the Kansas City Blues of the western League from 1898-1900 which became the Washington Senators and is now the Minnesota twins though the Kansas City Blues reemerged in 1902-1954 in the American Association but then moved to Colorado. The Kansas City Kings of the National Basketball Association lasted from 1972-1985 before it became the Sacramento Kings. These are but some of the past teams Kansas City has hosted, there are a lot more from the Kansas City Scouts for ice hockey to the Kansas City Spurs for football or soccer.

Living up to its sports active status, Kansas city has the following active present day teams: The Kansas City Chiefs for American football founded in 1963, the Kansas City Royals for Baseball founded in 1969, the Kansas city Explorers for tennis founded in 1993, The Kansas City Wizards for football or soccer founded in 1996, the Kansas City T-Bones for baseball founded in 2003 and the Kansas City Brigade for Arena football founded in 2006.

Sports in Kansas City are a continually growing program of the city. Kansas City has plans for future teams in the NHL and NBA especially with the construction with the newly built Sprint Arena. The NBA teams considering relocating are in the sights of Kansas City, these are the Seattle Supersonics, the Los Angeles Clippers and the Sacramento Kings which at one time once called Kansas City home. The NHL team that Kansas City hopes to snag is the Nashville Predators though the team is considering selling to a group located at Southern Ontario in Canada. Kansas City was once the home of the NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletics Association and has played host to ten men’s final fours which is more than any other city in the country. More evidence of the importance of sports in Kansas City.

Kansas City isn’t just focused on professional sports only; the city’s Kemper Arena is often the site of the Big 12 College Basketball Tournaments for men. Women’s basketball is played at the Municipal Auditorium. Collegiate football’s Big 12 also often makes Kansas city a venue for its games at the Arrowhead Stadium and the city is preparing to host the MLB All-Star Game at the Kauffman Stadium between 2010 and 2012. Kansas City has also been given the chance to host Super Bowl XLIX but the decision was repealed because the decision to install a rolling roof over Arrowhead Stadium and Kauffman Stadium did not push through.

Sports in Kansas City are a serious thing, and sports lovers coming to visit the city will not be disappointed. A hub for all things sports, Kansas City is not only the geographical center of the United States, but is also a potential sports center for the country.