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Restaurants conjure in the mind images of romantic dinners, bachelor parties, birthday parties or just about any occasion that is being celebrated. Without restaurants, we’d all be eating at home most of the time. But whenever an urge kicks in to eat out, to eat something different, something exotic even, the first place we go to are restaurants. Chinese restaurants, Japanese restaurants, Indian restaurants or German restaurants, most any kind of cuisine known to man, there is a restaurant somewhere that serves it. In Kansas, restaurants abound as well. From those serving specialty cuisines to roadside diners

Strictly speaking, a restaurant is a place or establishment that serves food and beverages to be consumed within the restaurant. But with the advent of home food delivery (most famous are Chinese take-outs and pizza delivery) dining in or at a restaurant is more about ambience than just the food. Anyone can take out an order from a restaurant or have it delivered at home if all you’re after is the food, but to dine in is a different experience altogether. Ever felt that some food tastes better when eaten in the restaurant, while that same food when eaten at your home, somehow doesn’t taste as well? It’s the ambience. Many restaurants invest in their interiors for the perfect mix of good food and ambience. These kinds of restaurants are mostly at the higher end of the food business spectrum.

Then there are the diners and quaint food houses. Despite the many names of food establishments, all are basically the same. All are still restaurants in the strictest sense of the word. These restaurants that don’t focus on ambient moods, fancy dinnerware and mood lighting are sometimes considered as eateries or canteens and whatnot. It is in these places that one goes to when all they’re after is a quick meal, without any fancy shmancy mood trimmings. These kinds of restaurants usually serve good ol’ American food fare like hamburgers with fries, pies, steak and eggs and milkshakes without the word cuisine in their menus. A lot of these restaurants, despite their lack of ambience make it big and are usually the more successful of the bunch. Take McDonald’s or Wendy’s, good ol’ American food in a fast food context. Quick meals at affordable prices, these are bestsellers anywhere in the world!

From the uber fancy restaurants to the dirt cheap eateries at roadsides, restaurants are everywhere. Seaside restaurants that offer the best and cheapest seafood, grill and barbecue restaurants that offer the tenderest of meat around, from surf to turf, from pauper to prince, there are restaurants that cater to all walks of life.

Restaurants are like people in so many different ways. Maybe this reflects the proprietor’s personality or what, but different restaurants have different personalities. Maybe this commonality is what makes restaurants so appealing to people. This is the reason why artists flock to the same restaurant, why businessmen conduct meetings at the same restaurant, why students hang out at the same soda fountain, restaurants’ personalities attract the kind of people that personality is the most in common with.

Restaurants are more than just servers of food and drink; they are a way of life, a reflection of the people, and a celebration of life. And what better way to celebrate life than to eat, drink and be merry right?

Life in Kansas

There’s no place like home, a lot of people say. And really, there are few things truer than that. So for those residing in Kansas, it is home, and life wouldn’t be the same if they lived elsewhere.

For those living in Kansas, convenience, fun and a good quality of life is the status quo. Those who live in Kansas have little to complain about, given the city’s sprawling architecture, multitude of fountains, art centers, endless chain of restaurants, parks and popular label fashion districts.

Life in Kansas can be shaped to match the intentions and preferences of each individual. Those who long for peace and quiet may find it on most afternoons, sitting by one of the many fountains, feeding pigeons and listening to the rush of water.

Those who love to be up to date in the latest fashion will find no reason to complain with the plentiful places to shop in Kansas. From the Country Club Plaza, Crown Center, Legends of Village west and Zona Rosa, the choices are infinite, and one day isn’t enough to scour through all of them.

There are a lot of Christians in Kansas, a good percentage of which are conservative. Though this hasn’t posed any serious problems, there did exist some tension between believers and atheists/agnostics, though no blatantly malicious disagreements between the two sectors have occurred. There are secular organizations in Kansas to accommodate the small percentage of the population who don’t believe in any kind of religion.

People who are most alive when the sun is out will have plenty of things and places to live life in, in Kansas. Hit the 23rd Street brewery for their famous, award-winning beer and its competent staff of bartenders and waiters. Or if you’re more into dancing the night away, there’s also a great repertoire of bars and night clubs to party in. Or for those who prefer a quiet dinner night with good food and engaging conversations of coffee, fine dining places as well as line of coffee shops are open and willing to attend to anyone’s gastronomic requirements.

Education has always been a priority, and Kansas doesn’t fail with its slew of elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and community colleges. Also, it has one of the most outstanding arts programs in the U.s.A. with its huge Art complex housing several thousand people, classes, and some of the best art pieces in the country, making it a veritable source of history and culture.

Truly, living in Kansas may not be as cutting-edge as life could be, but it will experience Kansas’ own brand of strengths, and the distinct feeling of being home.