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Strolling through the past, one can delight in the wonderful moments of the present. Discover the vast gastronomic delights to be found in the restraurants, pubs and taverns of Dubrovnik. Savor a cafe on the Stradun, the main street, relax to a concert in one of our churches, or discover the hidden squares and streets. Dubrovnik is a city of culture, a city-theatre, and an endless source of inspiration for painters.

For over half a centruy in July and August, Dubrovnik's churches, palaces and squares are transformed into unique stages for theatre, music and beautiful folklore performances. For younger generation there are always discotheques where you can enjoy and dance till early morning, or you can enjoy live music in small squares full of cafe bars in the Old town. You can enjoy live music on the square in front of Trubadour bar. We also suggest to visit Sesame restaurant located outside the City walls, with it´s unique interior and live music. Also La Boheme bar set in an old castel where you can enjoy in a cozy atmosphere in it´s beautiful garden having a cocktail.

During the winter time you can absorb the unique beauty of stone, and discover covert corners. Luxuriate in the winter sun on Stradun, tour the museums and galleries, savor the spirit of tradition through Christmas carols, and drink to the New Year on one of the most beautiful streets in the world. Escort the banners and pay tribute to Saint Blaise, our patron saint, and be counted as one in love with the city.

Several shopping centres to be found in Gru˛Harbour and Lapad Pensinsula. Souvenir and gift shops are mostly located in the old city.

Opportunities for sports and recreation in Dubrovnik are rich and varied. The local people have delevoped a variety of sea sports. The most popular is water-polo, which is well represented by the Dubrovnik water-polo club. Surfing, sailing, diving and rowing, fishing and hunting, also hiking and mountaineering, cycling contests, judo tournaments are very well organized, also open for every one to participate. There are many fitness centres in Dubrovnik, some of them with the special programms. The city of Dubrovnik as regards bathing, have high quality of the sea according to the EU criteria. Enjoy in many Hotel, Public and other beaches!

Dubrovnik is the spiritual, cultural, artistic and inspirational symbol of the artists. Numerous museums and galleries reveal a portion of its rich history and glimpses of the present. The theatre emanates with the spirit of the most famous Dubrovnik playwriters; Marin Držić, Ivan Gundulić and Ivo Vojnović. Music reaches perfection through performances held in the Dubrovnik churches and atriums by the orchestras.

The most important cultural event is the over fifty year-old Dubrovnik Summer Festival. Open-air theatre performances, concerts, recitals and happenings with world-famous personalities are held throughout the forty-five days of the festival. Folklore and music ensembles perform in front of the Church of St. Blaise at the end of August. Sundays, many inquisitive passers-by are drawn towards the picturesque Croatian national costumes, songs and dances.

Dubrovnik guests are entertained by open-air concerts performed by brass bands and majorettes, and in the typically unique Dalmatian manner, by vocal ensembles. The Dubrovnik climate in spring and autumn ensures the enjoyment of these open-air Sunday shows. During Dubrovnik winters, visit the numerous galleries and become acquainted with the works of old masters, and with that of contemporary Dubrovnik, Croatian and international artists. Weekly, concerts are held by musical ensembles, including chamber concerts and concerts with notable soloists and conductors.

The Christmas and New Year holidays are filled with traditional "caroling" through the city streets and houses, while in Dubrovnik attand the Midnight Mass in one of the city's churches. New Year's Eve on Stradun is an agenda that is definitely not to be missed, with its ignited atmosphere and endless entertainment, and the countdown and fireworks streaming down the Bell Tower. Dubrovnik for the Feast of Patron saint St. Blaise in a special manner tribute to the saint that has stood watch over Dubrovnik for centuries.

Right after the festivities of patron saint St. Blaise begins the Carnival time and close on Whit Sunday that denotes the begening of the Lent and the preparation for Easter. At carnival time no one in Dubrovnik can be bored or depressed. For "when the Latins go creazy", the whole world goes after them, in the past, the festivities seen in the neighboring non-Christian Bosnia and Herzegovina as the days when "the Latin go creazy".

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